Friday, June 20, 2008

Taylor & Emily's Dr Appt.

Ok, So here are their stats, sort of (I'll explain later).

Emily 15 lbs 26.75"
Taylor 15 lbs 9 ozs

I took Emily first. My friend Shawn came with me to keep me company and chat. We hadn't seen each other in forever (and she lives across the street!) so I asked if she wanted to come and we could chat and hang out. So anyway, we took Emily first. She was ok at first but once I started undressing her she started melting down. She still overall, did better than her brother use to. I don't ever remember Connor calming down throughout the visit and she did. So anyway, she's doing good. Growing good (although i still feel like she is small but she is catching up to her sister!). She got four shots what fun NOT. But this time she did fine afterwards. No fever or anything. I think the reason she got the fever last time was because she was sick with a cold.

So fast-forward to Taylor. I drop Emily off at daycare and pick up Taylor. She's kinda fussy but Jackie tells me she hasn't finished her bottle. She's only had like 2 ozs so I take it and figure I'll finish it with her at the dr. We get to the dr and are sitting there waiting to go in and she just starts freaking out crying. That is so unlike her. So I get her out of her car seat and try and calm her down. They take us back and I'm still trying to calm her down. Shawn takes her and tries too but no luck. I finally take her back and hold her and she calms down. I touch her left arm and she starts freaking out again. So i place it back next to her body and she calms down so I touch it again and she starts freaking out again. So now I'm like ok something is wrong with her arm. So when the doc comes in we check it out. We touch her shoulder and shoulder area but that's not bothering her. So I took Taylor and we got some x-rays done. There isn't anything on the x-rays. So either she sprained it or she dislocated her elbow (what Shawn calls nursemaid elbow I guess her son use to get it a lot when he was a toddler). Anyway, So we wrap up Taylor's arm to her body with an ACE bandage and the doc tells me if she still isn't moving it and it hurts her in the morning call and come in.

So we take her home and I re-wrap her tighter hoping if it is nursemaid elbow that will help to put it back in. I see her trying to lift her arm now and she isn't freaking out so I'm thinking maybe that did it so I unwrap her. Sure enough i lift her arm and she's not crying. I was careful with her the rest of the afternoon though. She really didn't want to use her left arm either. I could see when she was playing she would only use her right. So I put her on her tummy and she rolled over ok and was using both arms to push up so it wasn't hurting her. I think she was just remembering that it hurt and thought it still would so she was being cautious. I took Connor to swim class and Surbjit said she did fine during her bath and went right to bed. This morning she was as happy as could be and using both arms to pull her dress up! So we'll just have to be careful with her. If anything, I would've thought we'd have to be extra careful with Emily not Taylor!

In happier/funnier news, after I picked up Emily at daycare for the night I had them both at home on the floor because I wanted Taylor to use her left arm and make sure it wasn't still bothering her. Emily's on her stomach scooting around in a 360 circle and Taylor is on her back with a binkie in her mouth. Emily scoots to Taylor, takes the binkie out of her mouth and puts in her own mouth! I had to laugh!!!! It was just too funny. And Taylor didn't even care!

So that was my eventful day yesterday. :sigh:

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