Monday, June 23, 2008

Sitting Up!

So I guess I can finally give them credit for sitting up. Well, mostly Emily. She'll sit for a good 10 mins before falling over. On her face mind you and when you pick her up she's smiling like a fool! LOL! Taylor will sit but you better be ready to make sure she doesn't fall (and watch that left arm, argh!) So they are doing good. You wouldn't know anything was a miss the other day with Taylor's arm.

We had a busy weekend. Mona's 1st birthday party was Saturday (my niece). It was a HOT one. Thankfully the park they had it at was nicely shaded. Made it halfway bearable. Then we went to our friend's daughter's graduation party. Thankfully they at least have a wall a/c unit in their house so it was cook in there but I was thankful to get back to my nice central a/c house. =) One of the BEST things we ever did to the house!

This is Connor's last week of swim lessons. He's had a blast and I think is going to have a rough time when I keep telling him after this week that swim lessons are over. Maybe I'll take him to the night swimming on Tuesday's or Thursday's when we get a chance. It's just so hard being so late. Hmm. Friday was a rough class day with Connor. The instructor informed us that we were going off the diving board! I was like great. This is going to go over well. So we walk over to the diving board and Connor was immediately wanting to climb up it (he loves to climb) and saw the girl in front of him jump and tried to back down! I grabbed him and carried him out to the edge and dropped him in to the instructor. I could hear him crying as I was trying to get off the board. Another mom in the class asked if I could take her son out to the edge. I was like sure but I had to grab Connor first. So I got him out of the pool and handed him (crying) to her to hold and I took her son to the edge. He walked almost all the way to the end and was like he didn't want to go any further. So I just prodded him forward telling him I wasn't going to let him fall. We counted to three and I "pushed" him off into the arms of the instructor. I got down off the board and grabbed Connor (who was fine now!) so she could go get her son.

After all this all I'm hearing from Connor now is I want to go down the slide. They have a slide right next to the diving board. I don't quite think he understands that he is going to go in the water at the end. But it wasn't our turn to go down the slide. The instructor did say next week but Connor wanted to go now. So the entire rest of the class, he wanted to do what he wanted to do and didn't want to do what the class was doing. I sure hope he isn't like that today. UGH.


Outnumbered said...

Yay for sitting! It makes a LOT of things so much easier!

mrs.izzy said...

Well done for sitting up!!! It just gets better from there... or worse, depending on how you look at it. :-)