Monday, June 02, 2008

6 month pictures!

So I went and got the girls 6 month pictures done on Saturday. I went by myself! It actually wasn't too bad but next time, I'm going to be assuming they'll be moving, so I will DEFINITELY need help!! They both did pretty good. Taylor was not into it at first at all. Which is kinda bummer since all the pictures of them with my favorite background didn't turn out good. But the single ones did so I guess that's ok. So, here are some of the pictures:

Emily (she is always my smiley one!!)

Taylor (I'm amazed we finally got her to smile)

Taylor was finally starting to have some fun!!


My Favorite!!!


joannabug said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful. Can't wait to see them and Connor again. I sure wish I lived closer.