Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emily Said It!!

She said Da-da. I swear she did. And so does Surbjit. Actually I swear she said it like two weeks ago but that's a different story. For the past two days, she is a talker. Opening her mouth and making it go up and down. So last night when I was giving her her last bottle she was looking at me and smiling (and NOT eating, grrr) so I started saying Dada to her over and over. She kept looking at me and opening and closing her mouth mimicking me and then making sounds and saying da-da. So there you have it!


mrs.izzy said...

Isn't that typical. As a mom, you spend a lot more time with the kids, yet they learn to say da-da first. My 3 kids said da-da first too!

yay for Emily!!!

Outnumbered said...

Yay Emily!! What an awesome milestone! I think my girls are still far from talking, but they sure do love to shriek and make other noises, lol!