Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memorial Day Camping Trip 2008

I know I know. I'm a little late in talking about it. But life with three kids is hectic! Since i can't download the pictures at work I can't share. I could have just written about it but what fun is that without pictures. ;-)
So all in all it was a good trip. The kids did AWESOME! The girls took excellant naps (and haven't since =( ) and went to bed like champs. I guess the fresh air (the little we got) wore them out. It rained a lot that weekend. Weather was not cooperative. It rained Thursday after we got there. Luckily we got camp set up THEN it decided to rain. It rained off and on on Friday so the kids stayed in the motorhome and watched 101 Dalmatians. Then it rained Saturday morning but Saturday afternoon and Sunday were gorgeous!! So at least we got 1 1/2 days of good weather. The rain didn't bother Connor at all. He had a blast playing with Braeden. Every morning he'd wake up and ask "where's Braeden". Braeden is our friends 5 year old son. They played well together for the most part so it was nice to have to worry about him too much. We took a walk with the girls every day in the Baby Bjorn's up to the camp store. Nice little jaunt so they got out and got some fresh air. And they got to play alot in their "playpen". I really like this campground as it is beach level on the south side and really easy to get to the beach from our campsite. We know the two spots we want to get next year and if we do, we'd have this whole corner to ourselves. So I hope we get it!!! Anyway, here are some pics:

Our campsite - As you will notice the tv on the side of the motorhome. What can I say, we travel in style (and we had to watch the Laker game. GO LAKERS!!!!)

The girls in their "playpen"

Connor playing on the beach

Connor & Braeden hangin' by the fire:

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Chris and Penny said...

i have twins, too! and we also went camping with the twins for the 1st time over memorial day weekend. but we were tent camping! i think we must be crazy! anyway, we have boy/girl twins and our girl is also named taylor! they are 13 months old. check out my blog if you want to! anyway, just wanted to say hi. we are in VT. where are you? i found you through a search link that someone else used to find my blog: camping twins, through google. -chris-