Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swimming is coming to an end

So today is Connor's last day of swim class. We have been preparing him all week. Every day he asks "we going swimming today?" Actually it's more like a statement so I don't want him to freak out when I say not today for the next month. I'm thinking of signing him up again but obviously I can't do it again right away for the next session (as I don't think my boss would like me to keep leaving work early) and then the following two week session we'll be on vacation for a week so maybe I'll sign him up for the following class. Tonight we get to do anything we want to do in the pool for the half hour. Connor will love that as all yesterday all I kept telling him was not yet, we have to do this first. We have to do this thing with the class. He said he wants to go down the slide and he instructor said we'd be able to but I still don't think he understands that he will be going under water at the end. He sure didn't like it when I had him go under yesterday and I barely had him go under. Just up to his nose. Oh well.

On Monday, Shawn came over and watched the girls so Surbjit could come and watch Connor swim since he hadn't been able to. Of course we forgot the camera but he was able to take a couple pics with his cell phone.

You can see the slide on the right of the pool that Connor wants to go down. I know it's hard to tell but Connor and I are in the middle facing the camera. I'm wearing a white shirt and we are to the left (as you are looking at the picture) of the instructor (in the red bathing suit).

Me & Connor


mrs.izzy said...

aww... that's an awesome pool!

I took my son to the Y for swimming and they have swim lessons all year round. :-)

That's funny about his questions if he's going swimming that day. My son does that all the time on the weekends, "am I going to school today?"

Anne said...

What a great pool!! And poor Connor.. I'm sure he;ll be excited for the next round of classes.

xavier2001 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and grocery shopping is not as hard as you think once you've done it a few times, with the double stroller I either push the stroller and pull the cart or I just hook a shopping basket on the side of the stroller (babies r us sells the hooks) if I'm just buying a few things. Shopping with twins and a toddler sounds crazy to me though!!

Your kids are ADORABLE!!!