Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 22nd

11/22 - I hate to say but I can't think of anything today.
11/23 - Today was Connor's birthday. =D He went to school and shared some treats with his class. He also was able to buy things at school today in their december gift shop for family for Christmas presents. He said his reading buddy helped him to pick out gifts. After school, I picked him up and the twins and we all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. After dinner, we went home and got ready to make the drive to Grandma and Grandpa's.
11/24 - We went shopping today at Casual Male. We took all the kids which is unusual and a "treat" for them. Of course it's boring. But the girls - well - they made their own fun. I was talking to Surbjit and I look over and one of them is posing with the mannequin while the other is "taking the picture". Then they traded. It was HYSTERICAL.
11/25 - It was Turkey Day!! Spent the day with all the family. Only my one brother Mitch wasn't able to make it. Dad got to come home from the rehab home for 5 hours to spend it with us so that was nice.
11/26 - We drove up to Roseville after visiting Dad to visit Mark and Jeannie. We brought Connor's dirtbike so him and Wyatt rode in the field across from the house for hours (basically until it was too dark to ride anymore).
11/27 - We went to visit Dad in the rehab home again. Then Surbjit took the kids back to Grandma and Grandpa's house and they played with Aunt Susan.
11/28 - Time to go home. Drove home after visiting with Grandpa again. Kids did good. Connor never napped. Emily only napped the last 30 minutes and Taylor took a good one hour or more nap on the way home. We also stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. First time for the kids. Taylor LOVED the cheese quesadilla. Emily and Connor actually ate the soft taco. I was surprised.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 15th

11/15 - Took the kids to El Torito for the girls birthday. It was a nice dinner except for the horrible service. They brought out mine and Surbjit's plates and it was another 5 - 10 minutes before the kids got their food. Ugh. But the kids loved it. =)
11/16 - Today was dh's birthday. Connor wanted to open his present for him so he got to do that. And they were SO excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and watch him blow out the candle.
11/17 - Connor's Parent Teacher Conference was today. He is dong just fine in Kindergarten. A few things we need to work on with him (knowing his left/right PERFECTLY, tying shoes, and just paying attention better). He is doing just fine. =) Yeah! And the kids helped me make 3 apple pies. They sure did a great job.
11/18 - Connor is getting used to doing his homework and will go get his pencils and crayons when it's time to do homework. Still some whining (especially when we make him do things over) but for the most part, we could tell him the instructions and he would be good to do the homework on his own. =)
11/19 - Surbjit took Connor to Knott's Berry Farm today. =) He had a half day at school so he picked him up early and they spent a couple hours there. That is the nice thing about living so close to an amusement park. ;)
11/20 - We had Connor's bday party. It was actually a lot of fun. It was at Pump It Up and we had 21 kids. Whew! But at least I didn't have to clean up or set up. Yeah. =D Then all the cousins went to Uncle Harjinder's house and stayed the night.
11/21 - We had Thanksgiving dinner (early) at Harjinder's house. We got there and ate dinner. Connor kept asking to go home so he could play with his new toys. He was actually patient for the most part! I was impressed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 8th

11/08 - Connor this morning (after the time change it feel like it's later than normal) - "Mom don't forget to wake me up." Me - "It's not time to wake up yet but if you want to wake up you can." And Connor forgot his yellow folder at school. :( Not good. That meant, no homework to do and we couldn't sign his weekly paper so no recess for him today. Hopefully that will teach him to bring it home.
11/09 - Connor asked me if I had a boyfriend. He then proceeded to tell me that he had a girlfriend. I thought he was too young to start this! =) When I asked him who it was, it's Kristina's oldest (12 year old) daughter that we just saw this past weekend at Dylan's birthday party. LOL! I wonder if she knows. =D
11/10 - Emily got up from the breakfast table and said she was done eating because she didn't want to hear Taylor crying anymore. Taylor was crying about me taking the crust off her waffles. Um, there is no crust on waffles dear!! (She was talking about the REALLY dark -ok burnt- part)
11/11 - Took Connor (and the girls) to Golden Spoon to use his gift card and he had to go to the bathroom. He said he had to pee and plop. So I took him in and started getting the seat cover and he said "I don't need that!" I said "I thought you had to plop" and he said "This is not a place to plop."
11/12 - Kids Night out at Preschool. Will not be doing this again anytime soon. They stay up too late and are GROUCHY the next day. Not good when you have soccer and TWO bday parties to go to (one being the twins!)
11/13 - The twins bday party! So fun. Emily kept running up to everyone and giving hugs. Taylor was much more reserved. And Connor - well he was just upset because it wasn't HIS birthday. Next week son, next week.
11/14 - Opened up the presents from the bday party. LOVED the dress up trunks. That is all they play with. =) Also loves the Barbies and the book reader.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jog - A - Thon 2010

So St. Pius had thier Jog-A-Thon assembly on Wednesday. Apparantly, the Singh Family (read Connor!) did pretty good!! Not only did we come in 4th place. YEAH! But Connor also won a raffle prize. A $5 gift card to Golden Spoon. He was of course more excited about the gift card because it was something tangible in his hand. The way they did the prizes for the Jog A Thon was there were 4 items and the 1st place family got their choice and so forth. Since we were 4th, we got what was left over. I just hoped we wouldn't win the Knott's Berry Farm tickets since we have season passes. But we didn't! Instead, we won a bowling party for 15!! Yeah!! How fun!

Next year we will have to step it up. =) I want to be 1st. LOL! But I'm so glad Connor won a raffle prize. Maybe he has good luck (unlike his momma!). =D

Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekly Notes - Week of November 1st, 2010

Ok, so i recently found a new blog. Her name is Katie and she writes about her marraiage and stuff. Well coincidentally she lives in Southern CA like me and she is married to an Indian man like me. =) What can I say. I had to start reading. ;) So she does these notes every week. Her Best Of Notes. She basically writes down the highlight of that day, whether it's small or large. I thought - what a GREAT idea! Amid the chaos and sometimes frustrating daily life that happens, there is always something to remember. So I'm going to attempt to start doing this. This would mean a post from me each week. =D

11/01 - Connor was a rainbow today in school and made an airplane during his Mad Science class.
11/02 - Emily (although she took forever to eat this morning!) picked out her clothes and got dressed (all the way down to the socks) all by herself with no whining and no help from me!! Saved me time this morning!
11/03 - The kids have been saying Eenie Meanie Minie Mo. It's so funny! Especially since they say it differently than I learned it! (They say if he screams, I'm use to saying if he hollers.)
11/04 - Leaving to go camping. The kids LOVE it and could not wait to leave.
11/05 - Connor getting his early birthday present. A dirtbike. Rode it all weekend long every chance he got! =)
11/06 - Went to a birthday party just me and the kids. Left Surbjit back at camp to have fun with the boys. The kids did AWESOME! Listened well and had a ton of fun bowling. It was Emily and Taylor's first time bowling and I showed Connor how to properly hold the bowling ball and he did it the whole time. =)
11/07 - We got back from camping and Surbjit was putting the trailer away and I was going in and out of the house getting some stuff out of the motorhome and Connor was watching his sisters. He said, "I'll watch them mom and make sure they don't put any stickers on the floor or on the furniture." He even made me take a walkie talkie so he could talk to me in case something happened. LOL.

So stay tuned for more notes next week!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, I have to say - this has to got to be the best Halloween since I've had kids. Let's recap:

Connor's first Halloween - He was almost a year old and in bed before it got dark. No trick or treating.
Connor's second Halloween - I was on bedrest pregnant with the twins. No trick or treating for me. Connor went with Daddy.
Connor's third Halloween/Twins first Halloween - Since the twins were not even one yet, they rode in their stroller the whole time and did not go door to door. They were tired and it was way too late for them. Connor did a little trick or treating but wasn't that into going up to the houses.
Connor's fourth Halloween/Twin's Second Halloween - They did ok but mostly rode in our wagon because they were tired and we had to keep getting them in and out.
This year = All three walked. Connor RAN to all the doors with lights on. If I would have let him, he probably would have been three houses ahead of us! He wanted to go to each and every house he could. Taylor would go up, get her candy and turn around and say " Momma! Look what I got! Look Momma!". Emily was just as happy to follow and get candy for the most part. Although if there were other kids in scary costumes, she did not want to go anywhere near the door.

We've sort of made it a tradition to meet up for dinner and then go trick or treating with our friends Monica and Trevor and their daughter Kaylee. They live about four blocks from us so it works out perfect since we can just walk over to their house or vice versa and don't have to worry about driving around with all the kids everywhere. So that's what we did. It was a great night. And it's so nice now that the kids are older, they played for a little bit while we waited for the sun to set and the adults got to sit and talk a bit.

The highlight of the night - Connor and Taylor wanted Monica to take them through this haunted house. Monica said Taylor did great until a kid (who didn't hear her say "little kids coming through") came out and scared Taylor. Connor was fine the entire time. =) But Taylor calmed down afterwards and Connor said he'd get the bad monsters for her. I was so ready for a sleepless night of bad dreams last night and not once did I get woken up! Yeah!

Pictures to come when I download them from the camera!