Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 22nd

11/22 - I hate to say but I can't think of anything today.
11/23 - Today was Connor's birthday. =D He went to school and shared some treats with his class. He also was able to buy things at school today in their december gift shop for family for Christmas presents. He said his reading buddy helped him to pick out gifts. After school, I picked him up and the twins and we all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. After dinner, we went home and got ready to make the drive to Grandma and Grandpa's.
11/24 - We went shopping today at Casual Male. We took all the kids which is unusual and a "treat" for them. Of course it's boring. But the girls - well - they made their own fun. I was talking to Surbjit and I look over and one of them is posing with the mannequin while the other is "taking the picture". Then they traded. It was HYSTERICAL.
11/25 - It was Turkey Day!! Spent the day with all the family. Only my one brother Mitch wasn't able to make it. Dad got to come home from the rehab home for 5 hours to spend it with us so that was nice.
11/26 - We drove up to Roseville after visiting Dad to visit Mark and Jeannie. We brought Connor's dirtbike so him and Wyatt rode in the field across from the house for hours (basically until it was too dark to ride anymore).
11/27 - We went to visit Dad in the rehab home again. Then Surbjit took the kids back to Grandma and Grandpa's house and they played with Aunt Susan.
11/28 - Time to go home. Drove home after visiting with Grandpa again. Kids did good. Connor never napped. Emily only napped the last 30 minutes and Taylor took a good one hour or more nap on the way home. We also stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. First time for the kids. Taylor LOVED the cheese quesadilla. Emily and Connor actually ate the soft taco. I was surprised.

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