Thursday, December 02, 2010

Taylor & Emily - Three Year Check Up

Yesterday was the twins three year check up. Both are doing good. Both are 29 lbs (doc thought it was a type at first!). Taylor is 3 feet 1 1/2 inches and Emily is 3 feet 1 inches. Both are basically same size. LOL! Who would have thought since they are so different looking.

All is well. We had the doc check Taylor's ears since she has failed two hearing tests that were performed at the preschool. Basically she has fluid in her ears (probably because of the month long perpetual cold she has been having) so we got antibiotics to help clear her up to see if that would help. We then need to go back when she DOESN"T have a cold (ha ha so maybe in May?!?!) to get it checked again. Hmmm. More to come later.

Also got a letter to send to the school district so I can get Emily evaluated for speech therapy. Her c's sound like d's and have for almost 6 months now. And it's Otay instead of okay. It's cute . . . but probably needs to be addressed. We try to have her say the c sound but she just can't do it.  So I'll let you know how that goes too.

Other than that, they are both doing good. Did not cry at all during the appt although Taylor kept saying she was going to cry and did not want to be first (but Emily was more than happy and willing to be first). They both cried when they got their 2 shots. I don't blame them. I would too! So I say it was a great appt. Of course Emily watched as Taylor got her shots and then would not come to me when it was her turn. Poor thing was crying so much she wasn't even breathing and that was BEFORE the shot. Haha. They are doing great today though.

Well Connor will be next in January sometime. At least that's just one child this time. =)

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Being a preschool teacher of three year olds, thank you for taking a step towards correctiong the speech issue. I spoke to one parent just last week (and she is a teacher in the preschool too), but totally blew me off. UHM.. there is an issue, or I wouldn't have gone to her. I don't like telling parents that their kids need help, because the look of failure on their face isn't pretty. THOUGH it is no one's failure, it is just soemthing that happens.

anyway, sounds like all is well in your home! Yay!