Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 29th

11/29 - A hum drum day in the Singh household. Connor had homework he did with no complaints and fairly quickly. He's picking up his work very quickly. We are working on him knowing our address. He has the street number and name down but gets confused on the City and State.
11/30 - Ugh is all I can say. This morning was horrible. Connor still hates wearing his polo shirt. So from now on, until he stops giving me grief, no spirit shirt (and I told him this.)
12/1 - Connor got to wear PJs to school for his Christmas program. He was stoked. Went to the 1:30 show and the 7:00pm show. Very cute. Connor had fun. The twins had their 3 year check up.
12/2 - I need to start taking notes. I can't remember anything worthy happening today.
12/3 - The kids went to Kids Night Out. Emily stayed up the whole time but Connor and Taylor both fell asleep.
12/4 - Went to the mall to pick up some Christmas presents. Went out to eat at El Torito. It was really a great lunch. The kids did very well. =D Connor had a bday party at 5:30 we went to. No naps so the kids were WIPED by 8pm.
12/5 - Went and got our Christmas tree (fake). Will put it up tomorrow.

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