Monday, December 13, 2010

Eating as a Family of Five

Ever since the twins have been born we really never sat down and ate as a family of five. When they were in their high chairs we did a couple times but it was just really squished in the kitchen. So then we got rid of the high chairs and bought the booster seats that clip to the chairs. Well, since we only had 4 chairs and 3 kids that meant we couldnt' all sit down together. :( We've been looking and looking for a solution to our problem and we finally found it! A booth dinette. And this weekend, we bought it!!! We can now all sit down and eat together as a family of 5! We even got to eat together for dinner on Saturday! The delivery time was between 4pm - 8pm and they came at 4pm! Our lucky day! We made dinner at home (nachos for me and Surbjit and burritos for the kids) and ate as a family. =) Sunday night too. =) Woo Hoo!! I see more meals at home in our future. Yeah!!!

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