Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Notes - December 6th

12/6 - We put up the (fake) Christmas tree today. Did NOT have time to decorate since Connor took FOREVER to do his homework. But we will decorate tomorrow. The kids want to sleep under the tree. We said they could this weekend.
12/7 - Rough morning in the Singh household. Connor is a GROUCH most morning and I need to find a way to deal with him. But this morning he was upset and tired and just not wanting to do anything. I had told him to put his shoes on, then finished putting on my sweater and dealing with Taylor. We go to walk out the door, Connor is standing on the front porch and bursts into tears. "Mommy I don't have any shoes!" I couldn't help but laugh. I said silly boy I told you to put your shoes on. I swear he thought I was going to make him go to school with no shoes on. Haha
12/8 -
12/9 - Dropping the girls off at school this morning. A mom comes in with her child and a baby. She sets the baby down and all the kids (including mine) go and gawk. Emily says, Mommy I want a baby. I said, um, not gonna happen sweetheart. She says No in MY tummy. I said that can't happen until your married! Hopefully she abides by that rule!!
12/10 - We decorated the tree, watched Polar Express and the kids slept all night under the tree. (Except for Taylor who ended up in our bed). I think I see a tradition brewing. =D
12/11 - Bought a dining table for our dining room that seats all five of us! We even got to sit down together for the first time and eat together as a family. It was very nice!
12/12 - Warmest day on record in Southern CA breaking records set in the 1800's! The kids got to run around outside in shorts and t-shirts while Daddy washed his truck and while he grilled Hamburgers for dinner. =) Yeah for Southern CA weather!!!

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