Monday, August 31, 2009


So we bought a jumper from a MOM in my multiples group. Looks brand new. I have definitely gotten my money's worth!!!

Especially this little girl. Taylor LOVES to jump and climb. Considering this was the girl that waited until 19 months to walk - it's a little bit shocking. ;)

Trying out my mobile blogging. If this works, I can update on the fly. =)

My Climber

That would be Emily. Sunday morning I go in to get them up (they've already been up, I can hear them!). What do my eyes behold as I walk in the door?? Emily straddling the cribs. She was right in between hers and Taylor's. She looks at me, finishes going into Taylor's crib and the two proceed to start jumping up and down. And Laughing! So turn around, go in their closet, get their clothes out for the day, turn back around, and Emily is back in her crib. My climber. :sigh:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Camping

I decided to play way back when-esday this week. I keep seeing Momlissa doing it so I decided to do it this week. =) This was from our August 2006 camping trip to the beach. This is Connor - age almost 9 months. Wow, we could actually put him in the SuperYard and not worry about him. We hardly ever did this with the twins!!

Girls Day!

So the twins daycare was closed yesterday. Ah, this will be the last time that one or the other is home since they will all be at the same daycare starting September 8th. Bittersweet. Well that is until Connor starts kindergarten and then I'm gonna be in a whole heck of trouble. But anyway, I digress. So it was just me and the girls. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to get out of the house. AND I needed a birthday present for a party on Saturday so the mall here we come! I decided NOT to go to the one near my house as they do not have a food court (yeah, sometimes I wonder how this mall even stays in business!). So we went to the Brea Mall and went to Bath and Body Works. I mean what woman wouldn't LOVE to have some of that! So I bought her gift (ok and something for me too!) and then I headed to Sears to check out the children's clothes. Why oh why haven't I shopped there?!? I've gone in the past and just not been impressed but their clearance was an additional 50% off. I LOVE THAT! Didn't find twos of some things I wanted so I ended up only getting 4 shirts but they were $2 each! Gotta love it. I need to check out the Sears by my house now. ;)

We then went to the food court and ate lunch at Carl's Jr.

That was taken with my phone. I guess it doesn't take that bad of pictures after all!

This was really the first time I've taken both girls out in public by myself. They were not bad. Taylor does not like being in enclosed spaces that's for sure. Freaked out in the elevator (I would too, this elevator BARELY fit the double stroller!!!) and in the bathroom when I had to go. Oh well. Other than that, they did really well and we enjoyed our mom/daughter day. =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures from San Mateo

Ok, let's see if this works. If it does it's so much easier than what I was doing. Let me know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Weekend

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Well, Mom and Dad were busy and the poor kids had to stay home all weekend. I had a bridal shower to go to on Saturday so Surbjit was at home with the kids basically all day. And of course, they didn't want to nap. Emily was crabby. She is teething so that's fun! And Connor is slowly getting away from naps. He needs them and he doesn't. It probably helps him go to bed at night when he doesn't get a nap. LOL. But I'm not ready to not have me time in the afternoon! Maybe I'll start allowing him to play quietly in his bedroom during nap time. That will give me the break and him play time. It will also teach him to play by himself too. Hmm.

Sunday Surbjit and I went on our annual Booze Cruise with my coworkers. Fun as usual. (We go out of Huntington Harbor on a boat owned by a coworker who retired and drive it to Acapulco by Marina Pacifica and eat brunch there). Ah, we were a little worried as Bigi was going to have the kids basically all day and they weren't too good for Surbjit. Thankfully, the girls napped 2 1/2 hours and were playing great outside by the time we got home. We even left after the girls went to bed and went to Downtown Disney to Jamba Juice (I've had two gift cards forever to use) and walked around a little while Bigi put Connor to bed. So nice!!

I have to say it's so fun to watch the three of them play together. Yesterday, Connor got on one of those push toys we have and started asking me to push him. He then saw Emily and rethought it and asked Emily to push him. WHICH SHE DID!! So nice. It's finally getting to the point where I'll just have to be a referee and I can participate when I want. =D YEAH!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Camping

So we went camping at San Mateo State Beach this past weekend. I'd share pics but um, yeah I left the camera in the motorhome. Woops! Will have to run by it in storage soon so I can get those pics! The kids had a wonderful time. We had a decent campsite too. Unfortunately, this campground is 1.5 miles from the Beach. But since we told the kids we were going to the Beach, we made the trek to the Beach. Just wait until you see the wagon, loaded with kids, chairs and ice chest. This "trek" was more like a hike. There were two BIG hills. And hauling this probably close to 200 lb wagon was not fun. At least I didn't have to do it. Thanks Babe! =) So we were able to spend about 2 hours at the Beach. It took us almost 40 mins to hike to the Beach. On the way back we took the road 1/2 way and then got a lift from our friends who had a car.

We had a good time. This campground would not be my ultimate favorite to go to. There really isn't much to do. The Beach is far away. There is no playground. I mean you can hang at camp but the sites aren't all that big either and I know it's summer but all the sites were really brown, as in dirt. And lots of it. We had water and electric hook-ups which were nice. But with CA raising its prices on camping, this campground will now be $60 a night. Definitely not worth it in my opinion.

Pics will come soon! I promise!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Preschool

So I took yesterday off of work to take Connor to his new preschool. =) He did enjoy himself although he is going to have to get over not doing what the other kids are doing. ugh. Yesterday was bring your rock to school day (and being the good mom I am I remembered so he had a rock!). But of course, another girl brought a bigger rock so he wanted that rock. Or he wanted someone else's rock. And he threw a fit. Then he didn't want to put the paint shirt on to paint. ugh. Then he didn't want to sit at the same table as everyone. But we finally got him sitting down. He painted his rock and we brought it home.

Before that, we got to go outside and play. He kept asking me if he could play on this and play on that. ;) Very cute. His friend from his current preschool that use to go there is at his new preschool! Connor and Sarah were good friends at Ms. Tima's and she was so excited that Connor was coming to her school so that was nice for him. Of course, he only wanted to play with Sarah though. I tried to tell him that there are lots of kids to play with and the other girls wanted to play with him also. I'm sure he'll branch out once he starts feeling more comfortable.

So all in all, a good day. He asked me this morning to go to his new preschool. I had to tell him they are closed getting ready for the new students that are starting in September. We even circled the date on the calendar for when they start. I can't believe it's less than three weeks away!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Had a Visitor Last Night . . .

in our bed and her name was Emily. Surprisingly she went straight to bed when I brought her in. She woke up screaming. Well first, she woke up around 8:30pm crying. I took her out held her for a couple minutes and then put her back to bed. She protested but finally gave up after about 5 mins. Then around 11pm she woke up SCREAMING. So I went and grabbed her, gave her Tylenol and brought her into bed. She cuddled up next to Daddy and fell asleep. And slept all night that way. Nice change for me as Connor usually pushes into me so I hardly have any room and therefore sleep horribly. I barely noticed Emily was in bed. =) She has a cold (surprise surprise) and i believe she is teething. I can feel her top two canine teeth and most likely her bottom two canine are coming in too. Poor thing. Hopefully tonight will be better!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easter Bunny

Yes. I'm late. Not entirely my fault. =) Our neighbors do this yearly Easter Egg hunt and pictures with the Easter bunny. Well, I just got the pictures she took last week. So see, not my fault! They actually didn't turn out too bad. I just remember Emily not cooperating AT ALL that day! But if you look at the pictures, you can't even tell! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tanaka Farms Pictures

Watermelon Tour at Tanaka Farms

OC Fair Pics

At the OC Fair

VERY Busy Weekend

Well let's see. It started on Friday actually. The twins daycare was closed so I had them all day. I decided to take them to their new daycare to visit, meet the teachers and kids and play a little. We were there for 2 hours!! They warmed up, had fun and even hugged their teachers good-bye. =) Yeah!

Saturday, we went to Tanaka Farms and did the watermelon tour with one of my mommy groups. It was fun. I don't know that I would do it again but I'm sure next year would be even easier with the twins actually listening better. Although they did VERY good. Except for Taylor freaking out when we first got on the tractor ride. But she calmed down and was good. By the time that was over and we ate lunch we decided just to head up to my friend Melanie's for her housewarming party. So the kids napped in the car on the way there and we stayed at her house until about 7pm. Got home after 8pm and basically went to sleep. We were all tired!

Sunday, I ran a 5k through the OC fairgrounds which garnered me free entrance so we all decided to go. So Surbjit, the kids, Bigi, Uncle Harjinder, Aunt Edith and Aria met me there when the fair opened. We ended up staying until almost 3pm! Emily decided there was too much to look at and never napped but Taylor did. And they all got to ride on the train ride with me. And pet animals too. So it was a fun, busy weekend!!!