Monday, August 31, 2009

My Climber

That would be Emily. Sunday morning I go in to get them up (they've already been up, I can hear them!). What do my eyes behold as I walk in the door?? Emily straddling the cribs. She was right in between hers and Taylor's. She looks at me, finishes going into Taylor's crib and the two proceed to start jumping up and down. And Laughing! So turn around, go in their closet, get their clothes out for the day, turn back around, and Emily is back in her crib. My climber. :sigh:


joannabug said...

That is impressive!!!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

What is it and that crazy age!! Mine are doing something similar and conquering the kitchen table! Sheesh, crazy little monkies!!

Momlissa said...

That is so crazy when they join in the shenanigans! When we were in Disneyland last year, the boys were playing musical pack and plays. I was like "Wait!? Weren't you in the other PNP?" lol