Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Had a Visitor Last Night . . .

in our bed and her name was Emily. Surprisingly she went straight to bed when I brought her in. She woke up screaming. Well first, she woke up around 8:30pm crying. I took her out held her for a couple minutes and then put her back to bed. She protested but finally gave up after about 5 mins. Then around 11pm she woke up SCREAMING. So I went and grabbed her, gave her Tylenol and brought her into bed. She cuddled up next to Daddy and fell asleep. And slept all night that way. Nice change for me as Connor usually pushes into me so I hardly have any room and therefore sleep horribly. I barely noticed Emily was in bed. =) She has a cold (surprise surprise) and i believe she is teething. I can feel her top two canine teeth and most likely her bottom two canine are coming in too. Poor thing. Hopefully tonight will be better!

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