Sunday, August 09, 2009

VERY Busy Weekend

Well let's see. It started on Friday actually. The twins daycare was closed so I had them all day. I decided to take them to their new daycare to visit, meet the teachers and kids and play a little. We were there for 2 hours!! They warmed up, had fun and even hugged their teachers good-bye. =) Yeah!

Saturday, we went to Tanaka Farms and did the watermelon tour with one of my mommy groups. It was fun. I don't know that I would do it again but I'm sure next year would be even easier with the twins actually listening better. Although they did VERY good. Except for Taylor freaking out when we first got on the tractor ride. But she calmed down and was good. By the time that was over and we ate lunch we decided just to head up to my friend Melanie's for her housewarming party. So the kids napped in the car on the way there and we stayed at her house until about 7pm. Got home after 8pm and basically went to sleep. We were all tired!

Sunday, I ran a 5k through the OC fairgrounds which garnered me free entrance so we all decided to go. So Surbjit, the kids, Bigi, Uncle Harjinder, Aunt Edith and Aria met me there when the fair opened. We ended up staying until almost 3pm! Emily decided there was too much to look at and never napped but Taylor did. And they all got to ride on the train ride with me. And pet animals too. So it was a fun, busy weekend!!!

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