Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've had my first . . .

child that was throwing up. And of course, it was Emily. Poor little thing. We had friends over Saturday night with their 4 year old daughter and 4 year old grandson (don't ask) so all the kids had a blast playing together. We BBQ'd Hamburgers and she brought a potato salad and these things called Smilies?? I had never seen them before but I guess they've bought them at Fresh & Easy before. The kids LOVED them. I think Emily liked them too much and ate way too many because they so did not agree with her. That  night at about 3:30am she woke up crying and Surbjit went in to put the blanket back on her and noticed she had thrown up. Changed her and brought her into bed with me where she threw up again. Cleaned up my bed and was taking her back in and she did it AGAIN (this time i had a bowl!). Put some towels down in my bed and you could here it coming again and she was crying No. No more. Broke my heart. When she was down she laid down and said all done. Then threw up ONE more time before going back to bed and sleeping in until 9am. Poor thing. But that was it. Nothing more and all she was throwing up were those smilies. Hmmm. She did eat a lot of them so either she ate too many or they just didn't agree with her because Connor and Taylor were fine and they ate them too. Weird.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Park - Fullerton Sports Complex

Every year I have goals. I don't really publish them here because most of them are weight loss related. But one of my goals this year in 2010 is to take the kids to a new park each month. For the month of January, I decided to take them to the Fullerton Sports Complex. Well actually, a Mom from one of my Mom groups was taking her children there and I figured why not. Of course, her daughter got sick that morning so it was just us at the park. Not a big deal.

This park is very nice. It's quite a hilly area. It basically has levels. The top level is the baseball fields, then you go down and there is the soccer fields, the bathrooms and the playground. What I LOVED about this playground is there was a shade covering over it!

The kids loved playing on this playground. I don't recommend for under 2. It's got lots of things to climb and some places you can not get to unless you climb so not infant/young child friendly. I was a little nervous with the twins but Emily did just fine (she is my climber) and Taylor wanted nothing to do with climbing wanted to swing instead.

Also, since this park is multi-level there were a bunch of stairs. Anytime my kids see stairs, they want to climb, so I obliged!
Overall, a very nice playground and we will definitely go back to play. And next time bring the bikes since it seemed every other kid there brought their bike! Oh yeah, and every other father was there too. It was weird since I was like the only mother with no husband (and the most kids!). Usually I don't see fathers at the playground so that was nice!!!

Stay tuned. Not sure where we are going in February but keep your eyes peeled. And we will probably be hitting up another new playground this month since Connor starts . . . . SOCCER on the 23rd at a park in Cypress we have never been too. Should be lots of fun!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow. I am so NOT starting out 2010 on a good note in the blogging world am I?!?! I just don't know where to start! I left off at Christmas Eve and was hoping to add Christmas with pictures but alas. Just haven't had time. Christmas morning was good! Santa brought a TV to Connor's room (we moved our bedroom TV to his room and bought a new one for ourselves). He didn't even notice it when he woke up LOL! Santa also brought a kitchen set to the girls and an electric quad for Connor. The first thing Connor saw when he got in the living room was the kitchen and went straight for it. Emily on the other hand went straight for the quad! Too funny. Poor Taylor. She still wasn't feeling well and ending up not being a happy camper that morning. Emily ended up opening all the presents for the two of them (which was fine by both!). They got way too much stuff. They sure are spoiled and will NOT need anything new until their birthday's in November! Seriously!!!

After we spent the morning opening and playing with presents, we headed over to Uncle Harjinder and Aunt Edith's house.

Mona, Aria, Taylor, Emily & Connor

These two pictures are courtesy of Bigi. She emailed them to me and then gave me the rest on my computer so once I get them uploaded to Shutterfly or something, I'll be able to share those and mine with everyone. All the cousins LOVED playing together. Here they are in the office watching Yo Gabba Gabba (their new favorite show!). The girls LOVED being dressed up in their dresses. The minute Emily put hers on, she started twirling in it.Too cute!! So all in all Christmas was a wonderful day!

New Year's weekend was very jam packed. New Year's day Surbjit's cousin got married so he went to that. We figured the kids sitting for a 2 hour + Indian ceremony was NOT going to happen so they stayed home with me. I took them to the park and we played for about an hour and then sat down for a picnic lunch. It was a nice day.

The 2nd day of the New Year dawned and we had two events to go to - Katrina's 4th birthday party and then Surbjit's cousin's wedding reception. It was definitely a jammed pack day. The birthday party was at 2pm. We then left at 4pm so we could go home, eat dinner, and then change and go to the reception which started at 6:30pm. The kids did really great eating lots of fruit (there was a TON at the reception) and enjoying the music. Of all the kids, I have to say Emily enjoyed it the most moving her hands and wiggling her body. Mona and Connor also loved to dance around the table. Of course considering my kids go to bed early, they did get a little tired. At one point Connor had his head on the table and was ready to fall asleep! We ended up leaving at 9:30pm and all three fell asleep on the way home. Even when we brought them inside and changed them into their PJs they still were sleeping. Taylor ended up sleeping in until 9am on Sunday!!! THAT is UNHEARD of!

So that was our busy first weekend of the New Year. If that is any indication of how the rest of the year is gong to go, we will not have a non busy weekend!! In some respects, that's nice to keep us out of the house and going places etc but sometimes it's just nice to sit down and relax too. Hopefully we'll get to do both this year!!!!