Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Park - Fullerton Sports Complex

Every year I have goals. I don't really publish them here because most of them are weight loss related. But one of my goals this year in 2010 is to take the kids to a new park each month. For the month of January, I decided to take them to the Fullerton Sports Complex. Well actually, a Mom from one of my Mom groups was taking her children there and I figured why not. Of course, her daughter got sick that morning so it was just us at the park. Not a big deal.

This park is very nice. It's quite a hilly area. It basically has levels. The top level is the baseball fields, then you go down and there is the soccer fields, the bathrooms and the playground. What I LOVED about this playground is there was a shade covering over it!

The kids loved playing on this playground. I don't recommend for under 2. It's got lots of things to climb and some places you can not get to unless you climb so not infant/young child friendly. I was a little nervous with the twins but Emily did just fine (she is my climber) and Taylor wanted nothing to do with climbing wanted to swing instead.

Also, since this park is multi-level there were a bunch of stairs. Anytime my kids see stairs, they want to climb, so I obliged!
Overall, a very nice playground and we will definitely go back to play. And next time bring the bikes since it seemed every other kid there brought their bike! Oh yeah, and every other father was there too. It was weird since I was like the only mother with no husband (and the most kids!). Usually I don't see fathers at the playground so that was nice!!!

Stay tuned. Not sure where we are going in February but keep your eyes peeled. And we will probably be hitting up another new playground this month since Connor starts . . . . SOCCER on the 23rd at a park in Cypress we have never been too. Should be lots of fun!!!!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

I think that is a wonderful idea...parks really are so great for the kids...they have so much fun.