Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Connor Saying the Lords Prayer

For those of the family that are Catholic it is a "little" different but it is still the Lord's prayer. Enjoy!

Preschool International Dinner 2009

My goodness!! This preschool just amazes me. AMAZES me with everything they do and plan for the kids and really, it doesn't cost me that much! So anyway, last night was their annual International Dinner. Everyone brought a dish from thier culture. There was TONS of food. Everything from pasta salads, baked beans, enchiladas, fried chicken, pizza etc. You name it and it was probably there! By the way, Taylor LOVES pizza. Could probably eat it every day. Can eat two pieces at one sitting. Wow! But I digress. When we walked into the chapel area (which is where the tables and chairs were set up) there was lots of different artwork the kids had been working on this month. So much fun! Connor had made a maraca and a pottery dish. There were paper flowers on the tables that another class had made. There were pictures of the twins (and their class) making a pinata. So fun! Everyone had lots to eat and then we had entertainment. They had a dance class each week at the preschool and those students that attend got up front and did a little Hula dance for us. Then a professional Hula dancer got up and started dancing. Connor was hulaing (is that a word?) with her in his chair. =) Then she allowed all the kids to get up front and dance with her. Connor RAN to the front. =D That is so unlike him! But obviously he feels very comfortable in this surrounding!  Emily and Taylor (Emily especially) kept leaving us and going to sit with Miss O and Miss Gina who are their teachers. Obviously they like them. Good sign! When Connor went up to the front Taylor kept asking to dance too. I was afraid she was too little but I let her go and she did fab! I took some pictures with the cell phone and did some video too. I uploaded those to youtube so you'll have to wait until I get home to share on the blog. I cannot access youtube at work. =( But here are some pictures! Emily even joined them when she realized we had moved down to the front (she was sitting in the back of the room with Miss O).

Connor right up there watching the Hula dancer for directions. (He is on the right of the girl wearing the Laker jersey as you look at the picture).

Starting to do the moves

Taylor joined in and is sitting on Connor's lap (she's in the purple shirt and you can barely see Connor)

We all had a fabulous time and realized how much our kids really enjoy this preschool so that is good!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This past weekend

Well, like I said, it was a BUSY weekend. Family portraits went . . . well . . . not as great as I had hoped. The girls just did not want to cooperate. Emily wouldn't let me move her at all. Not even to sit in my lap. It was like I was going to give her away or something! And now that I look at the pictures, Taylor looks like she is in a firing squad. Sheez! At least Connor cooperated! So I'm going to have a tough choice picking out what picture I want. :sigh: Here they are (excuse the quality of the pictures. I had to take pictures of my computer screen):

And we tried to get all three kids to take a picture. Nope - Emily wouldn't let me put her down to stand next to brother. :sigh: So we got a couple of Connor:

Oh well. It is what it is. Maybe next year!

Later on Saturday, our friends Monica, Trevor and their daughter Kaylee came over and we ate dinner and hung out. Connor just LOVES Kaylee and she likes playing with him and the girls. The girls took to her no problem (it probably helped she was all around them during her birthday party at Pump It Up helping me get them in and around the jumpers!). So Monica and I were able to actually visit as the kids played and basically had fun. =)

Sunday was an even busier day. I still had to get some stuff for the Halloween party that night so I took Connor to Costco with me. When we got back, we ate lunch then headed to the birthday party that was down the street. We only ended up staying an hour and a half. Connor really doesn't know the kids that were there and they were all older (6 & 7 and up) so he was bored. I can't blame him. We then went home, the girls woke up and we got ready for the Halloween Party at Frogg's Bounce House. It was a great party. Lots of fun. The kids LOVED all the jumpers. It was so funny because the kids flip flopped. At Kaylee's birthday party last night Connor wanted nothing to do with the obstacle course and neither did Emily until the end. Taylor I couldn't get out of there. This time it was the opposite. Connor and Emily kept going and going and Taylor wasn't really liking it. Here is one picture of Taylor I took on my cell phone:

The other pictures were taken by our regular camera. I'll share as soon as I download.

So that was our busy busy weekend! Tonight is the annual International Dinner at the preschool. Potluck all the families bring a dish from thier culture. Since I do have THREE kids there I figured we should bring two dishes so I of course "made" an apple pie (ok, I bought it from Costco but come on! I really was going to make it until we decided to go to BOTH parties yesterday.) And Surbjit went to the Indian store and bought Samosa's to share.  So I think we have both cultures covered! I'm looking forward to tonight. I have to remember to bring the camera! Hopefully it's a little more relaxed than Back to School Night and we can talk with some of the parents this time!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Weekend Coming Up

We have a jam packed weekend coming up! Tomorrow is our family portraits at the beach. I can't wait! I hope the kids cooperate!! Then we are going to have some friends over and hang out. Sunday is a birthday party at Noon that Connor and I will go to (Costume birthday party!) and then my Multiples group Halloween party at 3:30pm. Fun! This will actually be the first family event I get to go too! YEAH!!

I have a video of Connor I've been wanting to share. He learned the Lord's Prayer at Preschool last month and is SO CUTE when he says it. So I video taped him. Of course, he was wearing his Halloween costume. Oh well! For those that are catholic (like my whole family!) it's a little different than what we say but it's still the same. It threw me the first time he said it and I wanted to correct him but that's how they learned it. It still throws me everytime he says it! I'll share that hopefully this weekend sometime when I get a chance to upload it to here. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

So we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Irvine Park Railroad last Sunday. It was a gorgeous day! We got there right when it opened and we couldn't have asked for a better day. I would highly suggest you go first thing as when we were leaving around noon it was quite crowded and was getting hard to walk around without bumping into people!!

First, we were able to hit up all the photo cut out! What fun!! All three of the kids LOVED getting their pictures taken in them.

Then we decided to try out the hay maze while we waited for Uncle Harjinder and Aria to join us.

When Uncle Harjinder and Aria got to the pumpkin patch - we waited in line for the train ride. Of course this was the highlight for Connor!!

While on the train ride, Connor noticed some kids with face paint. Of course, he wanted to get his face painted. So when we got off the train, we found the face painting booth. He ran right up to the chair, sat down, and procceded to tell the makeup artist he wanted to be spiderman. I never had to prompt him one bit! So spiderman he was!

Then we headed back to the hay maze since Aria hadn't had a chance to go in it yet.

After going round and round in the hay maze (the kids LOVED running around it), we went in the Haunted House. The kids weren't really liking it but they went through. It was mostly just DARK. Nothing really scary (except for a witch with some bug eyes that was it). After going through the haunted house, we let Connor ride the tractor ride. After listening to another parent tell her husband that the ride was for kids 4-7 only, Connor caught on real quick he had to be 4. So when the ride "operator" asked how old he was, Connor replied 4! And let me tell you, he just as good if not better than the older kids!

By that time, it was getting close to lunch time, so we picked out our pumpkins and headed out of the park. We ended up going out to lunch with Uncle Harjinder, Aria and Bigi at Sizzler. Yummy. But now I know why we don't go out to eat. I totally did NOT get my money's worth on the salad bar. I think I got ONE plate. Woops!  But the girls both had another plate of mine so I guess it all evens out in the end.

It was really fun. This was the first year I've gone to a pumpkin patch. I know Surbjit took Connor the year I was pregnant with the twins. I know this will be an annual event we do every year. It was lots of fun and the kids LOVED picking out pumpkins!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Preschool Photos

Here are the preschool photos that they took. Theses first pictures are the class pictures. Who knew we'd get something like this. Great way to look back and remember!!

Connor's Class

Taylor & Emily's Class

Connor's Pictures

Taylor's Pictures

Emily's Picture (remember she did not cooperate on the first day of pictures so that is why we only got one pose of her).

All three on makeup day. Unfortunately Connor nor the girls would let me do their hair. =(

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest of quality but I don't get an electronic copy so these are pictures of pictures (hence why you see the carpet in some of them!). =D Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pictures of Surbjit's Aunt, Uncle & Cousin's Visit

All the Kids with Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Tipsy

Surbjit's Cousin Tipsy holding Emily

Tispy reading to Connor & Taylor

Bigi & Connor

Emily & Taylor

Tipsy, Aunt, Aria, Uncle & Harjinder

Mona and Connor dancing

Pictures from Ocotillo Wells

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camping at Ocotillo Wells

So we went camping last weekend at Ocotillo Wells. It was a very beautiful but eventful (and not good eventful) weekend. It started with us heading out of town Thursday night. Surbjit and I took Friday off to make it a nice 4 day weekend although we only planned to camp until Sunday. Got there Thursday night, no problems, unloaded and headed to bed. Friday woke up and the kids went outside played etc. After fighting with the girls to take a nap (I really have no place for them to be confined anymore since they can crawl out of the travel cribs and Emily will NOT settle down until she basically passes out), Emily finally fell asleep. Taylor never did and she was feeling warm to me so I took her temp. She had a fever. =( Gave her Motrin. All afternoon and night. Everyone went to bed, woke up in the morning and it was 103.5. Started packing up the motorhome. Got everything packed and then we decided instead of going home, we'd take our friends truck and take her to the local ER (which was 33 miles away) and have them check her out. She was just getting over a cold so she probably had an ear infection.

So off I go to the hospital. Thankfully it wasn't really crowded and we got seen quite fast. No ear infection, throat looked good. She probably just has a cold but let's take a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. So they did and no pneumonia. Basically just rotate Motrin and Tylenol every three hours and that was that. Of course, since that time she really hadn't had a fever since that morning. So we got back to camp at noon. The kids got to finish playing but Taylor was still upset every so often and kept saying "I pooped" but there was no poop. So on Sunday we get home and I take her to the doctor AGAIN. We thought maybe Urinary Tract Infection but her fever had gone away so I don't know. Get to the doctor. She definitely has poop stuck in there so I had to do a suppistory and prune juice. It worked its way out. And it was hard as a rock. Poor girl. The doctor said since she had a cold she was probably dehydrated and not drinking enough so that's why the poop got so hard. So Monday she was still complaining a little so I gave her some stool softener and kept her home from school. She went poop and it was SO much better. So I guess we need to start watching out for her and make sure she is well hydrated in order to stave off the constipation. Poor thing!!!

Onto better news, this morning I got the kids ups and noticed Emily's diaper wasn't that wet. She had pee'd but it wasn't soaking so I asked if she had to potty. She said yes so we went to potty and she DID! I guess I know what I'll be doing every morning now. =) Yesterday she even told Surbjit she had to potty so they went to the potty and she pee'd! Woo Hoo!! I have a feeling she will definitely be potty trained before her sister.

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend. These were taken with Surbjit's iPhone when Taylor and I were gone to the Hospital which is why she isn't in the pictures. Once I download the camera, I'll share more!!