Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preschool International Dinner 2009

My goodness!! This preschool just amazes me. AMAZES me with everything they do and plan for the kids and really, it doesn't cost me that much! So anyway, last night was their annual International Dinner. Everyone brought a dish from thier culture. There was TONS of food. Everything from pasta salads, baked beans, enchiladas, fried chicken, pizza etc. You name it and it was probably there! By the way, Taylor LOVES pizza. Could probably eat it every day. Can eat two pieces at one sitting. Wow! But I digress. When we walked into the chapel area (which is where the tables and chairs were set up) there was lots of different artwork the kids had been working on this month. So much fun! Connor had made a maraca and a pottery dish. There were paper flowers on the tables that another class had made. There were pictures of the twins (and their class) making a pinata. So fun! Everyone had lots to eat and then we had entertainment. They had a dance class each week at the preschool and those students that attend got up front and did a little Hula dance for us. Then a professional Hula dancer got up and started dancing. Connor was hulaing (is that a word?) with her in his chair. =) Then she allowed all the kids to get up front and dance with her. Connor RAN to the front. =D That is so unlike him! But obviously he feels very comfortable in this surrounding!  Emily and Taylor (Emily especially) kept leaving us and going to sit with Miss O and Miss Gina who are their teachers. Obviously they like them. Good sign! When Connor went up to the front Taylor kept asking to dance too. I was afraid she was too little but I let her go and she did fab! I took some pictures with the cell phone and did some video too. I uploaded those to youtube so you'll have to wait until I get home to share on the blog. I cannot access youtube at work. =( But here are some pictures! Emily even joined them when she realized we had moved down to the front (she was sitting in the back of the room with Miss O).

Connor right up there watching the Hula dancer for directions. (He is on the right of the girl wearing the Laker jersey as you look at the picture).

Starting to do the moves

Taylor joined in and is sitting on Connor's lap (she's in the purple shirt and you can barely see Connor)

We all had a fabulous time and realized how much our kids really enjoy this preschool so that is good!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

The preschool sounds amazing...wish we had something like that hear. That is great that they get so involved with the kids...this will really help your kids go far!