Thursday, October 01, 2009

Back to School Night

Yes, we had Back to School night. For preschool. Have you heard of that?? I certainly haven't. But it was nice. =) We finally got to "meet" all the teachers so we know who the other teachers are in the other classrooms (I already knew who the kids teachers were). We also got to see the work the kids have been doing since the beginning of the year. And boy, let me tell you. I'm impressed. =) I'll have to take pictures of what we got to take home. Some stuff is still hanging on the walls and I'm sure we'll get that too. The theme for the month of September was the Jungle. So they learned all about different animals of the jungle etc. Connor made a picture of an elephant. Really cute. And the girls (since they were so young) got their pictures taken with a stuffed giraffe. It was so cute!! So we got to mingle and see the other parents and kids too. It was fairly chaotic so we didn't get to really meet any parents. But one parent came up to us and said hi. Turns out, the kids pediatrician sends his son their!! And better yet, his son is in the twins class. Small world!! Another thing I guess the 4 year olds were doing was learning the Lord's Prayer. It is a Christian school after all. So Connor recited the whole prayer to me after we got home. =) It's not a short prayer either. I'm very impressed that he memorized the whole thing in basically 3 weeks of school!! Very proud.

The girl's vocabulary is just starting to EXPLODE! Taylor especially. Emily is and always will be my stubborn one doing things when she wants to but she is talking more now too. This transition of going to this school has helped them out tremendously!! Emily is even showing signs she's almost ready to potty train - please help me! I don't think I'm ready to deal with it yet though. =D But overall, they are doing exceptional! Even the teachers at back to school night told us so and were extremely happy with thier transition and how they even though they are young. This morning the girls were being quite um, challenging, they wanted me to read and be with them while I still had to feed Connor and get him dressed so they were crying, whining etc. I finally asked "Are you ready to go to school?" and both girls yelled, " YES!" , clapped, and started for the front door so apparently they really like school. And Connor does too. After the second week where he kept saying I don't want to go to school, we haven't had an episode of that again. Everytime I ask him, he says he likes school. =)

The other good, the kids LOVE that they get to bring their lunch. I actually bought their lunch this past Tuesday. Connor said he wants a sandwich instead. =) And the girls LOVE carrying in their lunch bags. Who am I to say no especially when lunch costs $4 PER kid. That's $12 for one day of lunches! I think I can make lunch for the whole week for $12! Yikes!

Last weekend we spent visiting with Surbjit's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. His cousin lives in Australia and was in town visiting. The whole family got together at Harjinder's house (where they were staying while in town) and they got to visit and meet the kids and play and visit. It was a nice afternoon. We actually got a picture of all the kids with them. Good thing we did since Mona ended up leaving early to go to a birthday party. I don't think we got all the kids to look at the camera at the same time but we got close! Once I download the pictures, I'll share. Connor of course was being his funny self. :sigh:

This weekend, no big plans. I have a garage sale for my multiples group that I'm participating in. I'm trying to get rid of all the baby junk I no longer need. I am NOT having anymore kids that's for sure. =) And Surbjit would like to be able to see the garage I'm sure. Then I have a wedding to go to for a friend from college. Should be fun. I guess a lot of us girls are going without hubby's (Surbjit is staying home with the kids) so we'll be able to party. ;) Sunday Surbjit will be busy getting ready for our camping trip next weekend. Yes, we are going camping next weekend, if the weather holds out. It will be our first desert camping trip of the season AND the first desert camping trip that Taylor will be walking. Can you believe that?? She's only been walking since June. It seems like she has been walking forever!

Well, I guess I should stop boring you will tons of details in one post. I need to keep updating more. I'll try and share pictures as soon as I have a chance!

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The Brandt Family said...

Emily wants to potty train all ready!! Wow!! Girls are easier than boys! She will be great at it! $12 a kid? kids would brown bag it everyday then!! hehe!! =)
You are the sweetest!! =) I love reading your blogs...have fun camping! I hope the weather is good because it is freezing right now!