Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camping at Ocotillo Wells

So we went camping last weekend at Ocotillo Wells. It was a very beautiful but eventful (and not good eventful) weekend. It started with us heading out of town Thursday night. Surbjit and I took Friday off to make it a nice 4 day weekend although we only planned to camp until Sunday. Got there Thursday night, no problems, unloaded and headed to bed. Friday woke up and the kids went outside played etc. After fighting with the girls to take a nap (I really have no place for them to be confined anymore since they can crawl out of the travel cribs and Emily will NOT settle down until she basically passes out), Emily finally fell asleep. Taylor never did and she was feeling warm to me so I took her temp. She had a fever. =( Gave her Motrin. All afternoon and night. Everyone went to bed, woke up in the morning and it was 103.5. Started packing up the motorhome. Got everything packed and then we decided instead of going home, we'd take our friends truck and take her to the local ER (which was 33 miles away) and have them check her out. She was just getting over a cold so she probably had an ear infection.

So off I go to the hospital. Thankfully it wasn't really crowded and we got seen quite fast. No ear infection, throat looked good. She probably just has a cold but let's take a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. So they did and no pneumonia. Basically just rotate Motrin and Tylenol every three hours and that was that. Of course, since that time she really hadn't had a fever since that morning. So we got back to camp at noon. The kids got to finish playing but Taylor was still upset every so often and kept saying "I pooped" but there was no poop. So on Sunday we get home and I take her to the doctor AGAIN. We thought maybe Urinary Tract Infection but her fever had gone away so I don't know. Get to the doctor. She definitely has poop stuck in there so I had to do a suppistory and prune juice. It worked its way out. And it was hard as a rock. Poor girl. The doctor said since she had a cold she was probably dehydrated and not drinking enough so that's why the poop got so hard. So Monday she was still complaining a little so I gave her some stool softener and kept her home from school. She went poop and it was SO much better. So I guess we need to start watching out for her and make sure she is well hydrated in order to stave off the constipation. Poor thing!!!

Onto better news, this morning I got the kids ups and noticed Emily's diaper wasn't that wet. She had pee'd but it wasn't soaking so I asked if she had to potty. She said yes so we went to potty and she DID! I guess I know what I'll be doing every morning now. =) Yesterday she even told Surbjit she had to potty so they went to the potty and she pee'd! Woo Hoo!! I have a feeling she will definitely be potty trained before her sister.

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend. These were taken with Surbjit's iPhone when Taylor and I were gone to the Hospital which is why she isn't in the pictures. Once I download the camera, I'll share more!!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

So sorry to hear about Taylor but I am glad it didn't turn out to be something major. I hope she is doing much better. We have had our share of sickness too. I had a fever for two nights but I am finally doing better today. That's great if Emily is ready to be potty-trained. Good luck with that...I really think that is the hardest thing to teach kids!