Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

So we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Irvine Park Railroad last Sunday. It was a gorgeous day! We got there right when it opened and we couldn't have asked for a better day. I would highly suggest you go first thing as when we were leaving around noon it was quite crowded and was getting hard to walk around without bumping into people!!

First, we were able to hit up all the photo cut out! What fun!! All three of the kids LOVED getting their pictures taken in them.

Then we decided to try out the hay maze while we waited for Uncle Harjinder and Aria to join us.

When Uncle Harjinder and Aria got to the pumpkin patch - we waited in line for the train ride. Of course this was the highlight for Connor!!

While on the train ride, Connor noticed some kids with face paint. Of course, he wanted to get his face painted. So when we got off the train, we found the face painting booth. He ran right up to the chair, sat down, and procceded to tell the makeup artist he wanted to be spiderman. I never had to prompt him one bit! So spiderman he was!

Then we headed back to the hay maze since Aria hadn't had a chance to go in it yet.

After going round and round in the hay maze (the kids LOVED running around it), we went in the Haunted House. The kids weren't really liking it but they went through. It was mostly just DARK. Nothing really scary (except for a witch with some bug eyes that was it). After going through the haunted house, we let Connor ride the tractor ride. After listening to another parent tell her husband that the ride was for kids 4-7 only, Connor caught on real quick he had to be 4. So when the ride "operator" asked how old he was, Connor replied 4! And let me tell you, he just as good if not better than the older kids!

By that time, it was getting close to lunch time, so we picked out our pumpkins and headed out of the park. We ended up going out to lunch with Uncle Harjinder, Aria and Bigi at Sizzler. Yummy. But now I know why we don't go out to eat. I totally did NOT get my money's worth on the salad bar. I think I got ONE plate. Woops!  But the girls both had another plate of mine so I guess it all evens out in the end.

It was really fun. This was the first year I've gone to a pumpkin patch. I know Surbjit took Connor the year I was pregnant with the twins. I know this will be an annual event we do every year. It was lots of fun and the kids LOVED picking out pumpkins!!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

That pumpkin patch looks amazing! So much fun...maybe when we get back to Cali we can join you one year. And one plate at sizzler! are being so good.