Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, I have to say - this has to got to be the best Halloween since I've had kids. Let's recap:

Connor's first Halloween - He was almost a year old and in bed before it got dark. No trick or treating.
Connor's second Halloween - I was on bedrest pregnant with the twins. No trick or treating for me. Connor went with Daddy.
Connor's third Halloween/Twins first Halloween - Since the twins were not even one yet, they rode in their stroller the whole time and did not go door to door. They were tired and it was way too late for them. Connor did a little trick or treating but wasn't that into going up to the houses.
Connor's fourth Halloween/Twin's Second Halloween - They did ok but mostly rode in our wagon because they were tired and we had to keep getting them in and out.
This year = All three walked. Connor RAN to all the doors with lights on. If I would have let him, he probably would have been three houses ahead of us! He wanted to go to each and every house he could. Taylor would go up, get her candy and turn around and say " Momma! Look what I got! Look Momma!". Emily was just as happy to follow and get candy for the most part. Although if there were other kids in scary costumes, she did not want to go anywhere near the door.

We've sort of made it a tradition to meet up for dinner and then go trick or treating with our friends Monica and Trevor and their daughter Kaylee. They live about four blocks from us so it works out perfect since we can just walk over to their house or vice versa and don't have to worry about driving around with all the kids everywhere. So that's what we did. It was a great night. And it's so nice now that the kids are older, they played for a little bit while we waited for the sun to set and the adults got to sit and talk a bit.

The highlight of the night - Connor and Taylor wanted Monica to take them through this haunted house. Monica said Taylor did great until a kid (who didn't hear her say "little kids coming through") came out and scared Taylor. Connor was fine the entire time. =) But Taylor calmed down afterwards and Connor said he'd get the bad monsters for her. I was so ready for a sleepless night of bad dreams last night and not once did I get woken up! Yeah!

Pictures to come when I download them from the camera!

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