Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 15th

11/15 - Took the kids to El Torito for the girls birthday. It was a nice dinner except for the horrible service. They brought out mine and Surbjit's plates and it was another 5 - 10 minutes before the kids got their food. Ugh. But the kids loved it. =)
11/16 - Today was dh's birthday. Connor wanted to open his present for him so he got to do that. And they were SO excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and watch him blow out the candle.
11/17 - Connor's Parent Teacher Conference was today. He is dong just fine in Kindergarten. A few things we need to work on with him (knowing his left/right PERFECTLY, tying shoes, and just paying attention better). He is doing just fine. =) Yeah! And the kids helped me make 3 apple pies. They sure did a great job.
11/18 - Connor is getting used to doing his homework and will go get his pencils and crayons when it's time to do homework. Still some whining (especially when we make him do things over) but for the most part, we could tell him the instructions and he would be good to do the homework on his own. =)
11/19 - Surbjit took Connor to Knott's Berry Farm today. =) He had a half day at school so he picked him up early and they spent a couple hours there. That is the nice thing about living so close to an amusement park. ;)
11/20 - We had Connor's bday party. It was actually a lot of fun. It was at Pump It Up and we had 21 kids. Whew! But at least I didn't have to clean up or set up. Yeah. =D Then all the cousins went to Uncle Harjinder's house and stayed the night.
11/21 - We had Thanksgiving dinner (early) at Harjinder's house. We got there and ate dinner. Connor kept asking to go home so he could play with his new toys. He was actually patient for the most part! I was impressed!

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