Friday, November 12, 2010

Jog - A - Thon 2010

So St. Pius had thier Jog-A-Thon assembly on Wednesday. Apparantly, the Singh Family (read Connor!) did pretty good!! Not only did we come in 4th place. YEAH! But Connor also won a raffle prize. A $5 gift card to Golden Spoon. He was of course more excited about the gift card because it was something tangible in his hand. The way they did the prizes for the Jog A Thon was there were 4 items and the 1st place family got their choice and so forth. Since we were 4th, we got what was left over. I just hoped we wouldn't win the Knott's Berry Farm tickets since we have season passes. But we didn't! Instead, we won a bowling party for 15!! Yeah!! How fun!

Next year we will have to step it up. =) I want to be 1st. LOL! But I'm so glad Connor won a raffle prize. Maybe he has good luck (unlike his momma!). =D

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