Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekly Notes - Week of November 1st, 2010

Ok, so i recently found a new blog. Her name is Katie and she writes about her marraiage and stuff. Well coincidentally she lives in Southern CA like me and she is married to an Indian man like me. =) What can I say. I had to start reading. ;) So she does these notes every week. Her Best Of Notes. She basically writes down the highlight of that day, whether it's small or large. I thought - what a GREAT idea! Amid the chaos and sometimes frustrating daily life that happens, there is always something to remember. So I'm going to attempt to start doing this. This would mean a post from me each week. =D

11/01 - Connor was a rainbow today in school and made an airplane during his Mad Science class.
11/02 - Emily (although she took forever to eat this morning!) picked out her clothes and got dressed (all the way down to the socks) all by herself with no whining and no help from me!! Saved me time this morning!
11/03 - The kids have been saying Eenie Meanie Minie Mo. It's so funny! Especially since they say it differently than I learned it! (They say if he screams, I'm use to saying if he hollers.)
11/04 - Leaving to go camping. The kids LOVE it and could not wait to leave.
11/05 - Connor getting his early birthday present. A dirtbike. Rode it all weekend long every chance he got! =)
11/06 - Went to a birthday party just me and the kids. Left Surbjit back at camp to have fun with the boys. The kids did AWESOME! Listened well and had a ton of fun bowling. It was Emily and Taylor's first time bowling and I showed Connor how to properly hold the bowling ball and he did it the whole time. =)
11/07 - We got back from camping and Surbjit was putting the trailer away and I was going in and out of the house getting some stuff out of the motorhome and Connor was watching his sisters. He said, "I'll watch them mom and make sure they don't put any stickers on the floor or on the furniture." He even made me take a walkie talkie so he could talk to me in case something happened. LOL.

So stay tuned for more notes next week!!

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Katie M said...

You're doing so much better at the weekly notes than I am! I haven't done mine in a while, oopsie! You're re-inspiring me! =)