Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Official!!!

I got the results of the DNA test back. Taylor and Emily are fraternal twins. I should have figured that out. =) The older they get, the more and more they keep looking less and less alike. It will be very interesting to see and watch them grow up and how they are different. I mean, this is basically just sisters that happened to be born at the same time. So as much as everybody keeps saying Taylor looks like Surbjit and Emily looks like me, I guess we will get to see what our girls that take after each of us look like as they get older. =) I'm still going to keep dressing them alike though. ;-) It's just so much easier when I'm picking out their clothes the night before. LOL!

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Joanna said...


I have to say, even with B/G twins, dressing them alike (or at least coordinating their outfits) is rather addicting. :-)