Friday, September 12, 2008


Taylor is getting closer to crawling!!! Yesterday both Surbjit and I noticed that she can now go from laying on her tummy to sitting up on her own. We both (Surbjit in the morning, me in the evening) left her in a room. When we left, she was on her tummy. When we walked back in, she was sitting up. We were both like Woh! And she is also getting up on all fours now where before she couldn't. She's even rocking back and forth so I bet she starts moving soon!! YEAH!!!

In other news, Bigi told us a cute story that happened last weekend. She took Connor with her to go to the doctors. When they were waiting for her to get called back, Connor looked at her and said, "Bigi, you are beautiful." Now how sweet is that!!

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mrs.izzy said...

Yay, Taylor! Is it time to get a big play yard? :-)