Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures from our Camping Trip

Well, I was able to share the video now let's share some pictures!

Camping February 13-16 at Giant Rock

Well we almost did even get to go on this camping trip. Emily had a fever and ended up going home early from daycare on Thursday. As soon as I walked in the door that night Surbjit was like take her to urgent care. She has a fever of 102. So I took her to urgent care where they proceeded to help NOT ONE BIT. Whatever. In hind sight, she was probably teething?? Not sure. The Motrin we gave her made the temp go down and she didn't have any ear infections. We were going to attempt to try to rule out a urinary tract infection but alas, she would not pee for us. So I brought her home. The doc basically said it was probably a cold (with a fever??? That's a new one but this is the SECOND time someone has said that us). He said if the Motrin/Tylenol controls the fever, don't worry about it. Maybe make an appt with her pediatrician in the morning. So we went home and put her to bed. She basically slept all night and woke up almost ok. We still were hemming and hawing about whether or not to go and finally around 9am we decided let's go. So finished packing and ended up leaving the house around noon.

All in all I'm glad we went. Connor had a blast! You'll see in the pictures. It was quite cold! No rain but it did snow Friday night (nothing stuck). When we woke up Saturday morning it was 25 degrees outside. BRRRR!!! The twins basically only got out of the motor home Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The sun NEVER came out Sunday and it was pretty windy. But Emily LOVES to be outside. I bundled them up and they got to play awhile. It's a good thing Taylor doesn't mind the dirt because she was crawling EVERYWHERE!!! Yes, she is still NOT walking. But everyone keeps telling me not to worry. A lot of kids don't' walk until 18 or 19 months. We have their next check up April 7th and I will definitely be bringing it up to the doc unless by some miracle she is walking by then. Who knows.

So it was a great trip. Connor LOVES to camp and I'm sure Emily is going to be the same way. Our next camping trip is the weekend of March 13th. We'll be going to the beach so hope for good weather for us please!!

Connor atop the rocks that we camp by. You can see the motor home and our truck down below. He LOVES to climb these rocks. Dad - not so much but he does it anyway!

Connor riding with the girls in our friends sand rail. The girl in the pink is our neighbor Roxanne and the girl in the grey is her friend Bella. Connor LOVED Bella. No matter where she was, he had to sit next to her and follow her around. It was really cute except to her who was feeling a little creeped out by it after about an hour!

Emily riding the quad. When she first got on the quad she was using her left hand to push the button (the button is on the right side). I kept trying to get her to use her right hand but she would refuse. Finally she started using her right and realized it made it so much easier!

Taylor in the Little Tykes Car (gotta love this thing!).

Emily in the motorhome

Taylor in the motorhome.

Taylor doing her favorite past time - reading a book.

Emily sitting in the chair.

Emily playing outside.

Emily and Taylor playing outside.

Taylor bundled up.

Connor in the motorhome.

Emily and Taylor - I finally have a good picture of the two of them together!

Taylor having fun!


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mrs.izzy said...

Inspite of the fever, that looks like a lot of fun!!!