Monday, February 09, 2009

Binkies & Bottles

So I guess I forgot to mention back in January when the twins got their 2nd flu shot, the nurse was chastising me for them having binkies. Well, not quite. I guess since they are were only 14 months at the time it was ok but I better not have binkies the next time I come. I guess the new recommendation is to get rid of them between 12-15 months. I don't know (insert shrug here). So then i said well they are still on the bottle and she gave me an EVIL eye.

So I went home and told Surbjit. The next day no more binkies for the girls or bottles. Well, we tried no bottles, we still give them A bottle at night before bed (although I'm pretty sure we could get rid of this one now. They drink maybe 3 ozs now and are playing with the bottle more than anything). As far as binkies, they get it for nap time and bed time only. That actually makes it so much easier to FIND the binkies. Before we would have to scour through the house to find them but now they are all around their cribs.

So my babies are growing up. And in some respects, that ok with me. =) They are getting a tad bit easier to manage.

In other news, Surbjit was officially told of his start date for his new job!! YEAH! We can all breathe a sigh of relief. He will start 2/17. Wish me luck. He starts so early (6am) that I will now be the morning getting ready and dropping the kids off at work person. I haven't had to do that in the almost 3 1/2 years since we've had the kids. Yikes.

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