Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Been Two Days . . .

that I have had to get the kids ready in the morning and off to daycare. Surprisingly not too bad - yet. I'm sure you are also dying to know how Surbjit's first day at work went. =) Besides the fact that he said he has no idea what he is doing, it seems ok. LOL. I guess the heavy equipment maintenance is COMPLETELY different from working on cars. Of course I guess this should be surmised since they are big, large and you actually need a special license to drive them. So check that on his to do list. Go to DMV and get permit. Who would have though at the ripe old age of 33 you would be saying you need to get a driving permit. Hee-hee. But I guess the people seem nice. It's not a rigid clock in and clock out atmosphere. He gets the 9/80 (jealous here as I've lost mine in order to get the kids to daycare not TOO early but we may work on trying to get back on it) and apparently I guess the overtime is frequent. He was already asked by his supervisor to work overtime on Saturday. WOO HOO! Well - maybe not for Surbjit - but it is extra money LOL!

As far as me getting the kids ready, it's a clock watching experience that's for sure. I have to make sure I'm out of the house no later than 6:30am. This morning I was actually 5 mins early because Connor woke up early and the girls were up so we got up, ate breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen whiled they played for about 15 mins and then I started getting them ready to head out. Yesterday, Connor did NOT want to wake up. I told him it was time to get up and he asked, "Can I sleep for a little bit?" I was like, um sorry honey but we got to get going. He is ok for getting ready in the morning. I'm laying his clothes out the night before and he gets excited about wearing them that night so that's working out with no power struggles over clothes (yet). But he is a three year old and my morning is constantly his want and "requests". "Can we play" "Take the freeway" "Can I bring this to daycare" "Can I keep my PJs on". Etc. I think you get the idea. But he is very good and is getting a 'tad' better at listening.

He was up this morning before Surbjit left for work (he leaves a little after 5am) and I was in the bathroom finishing getting ready. Surbjit told him good bye and Connor said "I won't give Mommy a hard time today". I started laughing. And he didn't.

So I drop the girls off first at 6:30am, then I drive over to Connor's daycare and am there by 6:45am. Then I high tail it back to our city to catch the train. The train comes at 7:12am (well today it was early at got there at 7:09am). I have more than enough time to get back thankfully. And there is parking available. It is all the way at the FAR end of the lot but there are about 15 spaces left. Whew! I was afraid that late in the morning I'd have a problem finding parking. Thankfully so far it hasn't been.

It'll be an adjustment but so far it's not too bad. It's just weird because I'm so use to starting my work day earlier that I feel behind when I get to work now. Even though most people at my work don't get in until between 8am and 9am. I'm getting there at 8 which is an hour later than I'm use to. Before I know it, I'll be used to this new schedule and won't even think twice about it.


Anonymous said...

Aren't twins fun! :)

I am so glad you found me from Heather. I love her!

We are def gonna have to meet one day since you are so close. :)

How exciting!

~Sophia and Noah's Mommy~ said...

Comment above is from the Gekas twins. :)