Thursday, September 03, 2009

Connor's Gift

Tomorrow will be bittersweet. It'll be the last day the kids go to thier current daycare. I'm sad yet I know it marks a new beginning for them too. Today on the way to Pratima's, I told Connor, only two days left! He said he didn't want to go to his new preschool, he wanted to go to Tima's every day. Ah. I know he will miss her and he will be missed.

When we got to Tima's, the other mom that I am always running into in the morning gave Connor a gift! It was so nice and not necessary! We are always consistently dropping our boys off at the same time. And her son is the twins age but I know Connor loves playing with Michael. We are both in the same school district too so unless we move (highly doubtful!), we'll be running into each other again. Note to self: Write thank you note tonight to give to them tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the last day. They probably don't really "get" it. But they will on Tuesday. Stay tuned for that event! And this weekend is Aria's 1st birthday party. So much fun! I just hope it's not too hot!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Well good luck with that! Kids are resilent so they will be fine! Hope you have a great weekend!