Monday, March 26, 2007


We went camping this past weekend. We had so much fun!!! We went to a new place - California City. I guess the riding was pretty good. I wouldn't know since I don't ride anymore. Well Connor got to ride in Gina & Curtis' Ranger. He had a blast!!! Well at first I don't think he did but the next day he was laughing. I think he just wasn't use to the wind in his face. We didn't go fast but going 10-20 mph you still get hit with wind. And of course everytime he sees Daddy's quad he wants to get on it. =) I'm sure we have a dirt bike rider in our future.

The weather was in the 80's the whole weekend. Just beautiful!! I have some great pictures of Connor playing with Katrina (who is 6 weeks younger than him) and riding in the wagon with Kaylee and Braeden. Once I get them downloaded to the computer I'll share. Hopefully I can do that do that tonight.

Connor did have fun playing with the kids and the toys this weekend. I have to thank Gina for the toys that Connor played with! You know kids - they like others toys better than theirs!! He played with a bunch of Braeden's toys all weekend long. At least it kept him occupied. =) I was able to chit chat with the girls mostly while he played. So it was a good weekend. Connor is getting in the last of his four molars though and is not a happy camper sometimes. Poor guy. I hope they break through soon!!!

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