Thursday, February 08, 2007


Didn't I say I'd get in here more often. :< Well, I have had a sick kid on my hands. We took Connor to urgent care on Sunday. He had some white bumps in his mouth and it hurt him when you touched his tongue. The Dr. diagnosed him with hand, foot, mouth disease. I still don't think that's what he had. Anyway, so we kept him home Monday - Wednesday. I ended up taking him back to the dr on Tuesday because he was just sounding so horse and crying and not feeling well. Basically all they said was he has an upper respirtory infection (a cold). Well gee, thanks. I just love our health care system. I feel like I am the one that has to go in and tell the doctor what I want done or what I need done. There is no, let's see what's going on, it's a you tell me what to do mentality. I understand in this day and age that we have all these resources so for the most part we can figure out what's going on, but I would like a seperate unbiased opinion. Is that too much to ask? So anyway, we kept him home on Wednesday and he was almost back to his normal self. He finally started eating again and drinking water too. He hardly ate anything on Tuesday. I can't blame him because I'm sure his throat hurt. So I hope he's over the worst part.

Other than that, not much new going on. He might be teething again. It's almost time for his molars to be coming in. He's been drooling BUCKETS too. He has this new dance that he does when he hears music. It's kinda like stepping back and forth. I call it the football shuffle. =) I will try to get it on camcorder but everytime he sees it, he makes his picture face of scrunching up his nose and opening his mouth wide and coming straight for the camera. Funny but annoying! He is also liking to climb anything he can. If he could put his knee up on the sofa, he'd be climbing it all the time. Only a little while longer and he'll be tall enough!!

I still have some pictures from our last camping trip and the visit from Great-Grandma, Ace, Uncle Al and Aunt Dorothy I want to share. We just got a new computer so I was waiting for that. So bear with me. We are using two computers right now so it get a little confusing. Once we set up the wireless network we should be good to go. =) And I'll have no more excuse. :~p

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