Friday, December 07, 2007

Still Trucking Along

Not much happening here. We are trying to get them more on a schedule and trying to get them to sleep a little longer at night. If I can get them to sleep 5 hours at night, I'd be golden! Emily did sleep 5 hours last night. We fed the girls at 11 pm (Taylor then Emily) and Emily slept until 4 am!! Taylor woke up at 2am and then woke up again while I was feeding Emily so I fed her again. Then they slept until 7:30am. Now they are both up in their swings. They still sound congested but seem to be breathing ok. Hopefully it stays like this. Poor Emily has the hiccups and Tyalor decided to fall asleep! I think she is my lazy girl (just like Momma!). Well, I need to go wrap Christmas presents. I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner. I hope i get my calendars and Christmas cards in the mail today so I can mail them out. Ah, too much to do and so little time.

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