Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Little Harder than I Thought

So everything is going good here. For the most part. All I seem to do lately is cry though. I know part of it is I miss my Mom. She left on Friday and went home. It was so nice to have her here. I didn't necessarily use her to her full potential but just knowing we had three bodies (one for each kid) if we needed it was nice. Now it's just Surbjit and I and the nights seem the worse. Connor is a great big brother (i'll go into that later) but he is two and you know how well two year olds listen sometimes. So it gets hard when I'm feeding one and have my hands full and Connor is getting into something. It's not like I can jump up and get him out of it. UGH!. I know it'll get better though.

But Connor is being a great big brother. If one of the girls are crying he'll go over to the bassinet and rub their tummy and say "It's OK". He wants to hold them all the time. Of course, he says "want hold it". We keep correcting him to say her although it still hasn't happened yet. He will also throw away the diapers for us and he has just recently started to help holding the bottles.

I did breastfeed for two weeks. But with no one being here to help me starting Tuesday, I just felt like it would be easier to bottle feed. It was taking me forever to feed them. I would breastfeed Taylor for an hour and then Emily and then I'd have an hour to do whatever and then it would start back up again. With the formula, it only takes them about 30 minutes each to eat so that gives me about 2 - 3 hours after to rest, do chores, etc. It upsets me I didn't last 6 weeks like I had wanted to but I think my sanity is worth it.

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