Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Day Just Us Girls!!!

Well, today is my first day alone with both girls. It shouldn't be a problem. Poor little Emily caught her brother's cold. She's doing better today, not as congested but poor little thing. I feel so bad. We all (the girls and I) slept in the living room with Emily in the swing so I could keep her upright to help her breathe better. They both did great sleeping except to wake up every three hours to eat. So I can't complain. I'm a little tired but I can take a nap later. I'm debating on taking a shower. On one hand I feel like being lazy but on the other hand, it'll wake me up and make me feel better. Decisions, decisions.

I had my doc appt yesterday for him to check my incision. He said the pathology report came back from the placenta saying it was di/di so we still don't know if they are identical or not. I need to look into a dna test. Surbjit still swears they are not. Although it was di/di, there was still communication between the two which means they are most likely identical. One of the scary things he told me though is that Emily's cord was actually through her membrane and then into the placenta. So, had her sac ruptured, it would have tore the cord from the placenta and she would have died. I can't even begin to imagine if that had happened. With everything against her, the TTTS and the cord, it's a miracle she is with us. She is my little miracle baby. Well, I better go. If I'm going to take a shower I need to do it now!!!!

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