Saturday, January 06, 2007

First Haircut!!

YEP! Today was Connor's first haircut! I took him to Cool Cuts 4 kids. That place really caters to the kids. They have a play area while the kids are waiting for the older kids they have game stations where they can play nintendo! Too cool! And while he was getting his hair cut, he got his choice of movies to watch. Connor chose Elmo's World this time. I have a feeling he'll choose CARS next time. =) He sure did not like it. =( He screamed the whole time but he was a champ and looks great with his hair more manageable. =) The hairstylist even spiked his hair for him. What a cutie!!!

The finished product (with the spikes). He was crying so hard and wanted me to hold him at the hair salon that I didn't want to take a picture there of him so I waited until we got home.

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