Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twins First Dance Recital

The twins had their first dance recital this past Saturday. I have to say. . .. they did AWESOME.  I couldn't believe how good they did. :) They had a bunch of people in the audience to watch them too. Grandma drove down to watch their recital. Bigi, Uncle TJ, Uncle Harjinder, Aria, Monica and Kaylee also joined us to cheer the girls on.

They looked so adorable. Of course, Emily wouldn't wear the hair piece in her hair. I put it in and then she wanted it out. Oh well. Taylor wanted to wear it and the necklace that went with the costume. It was a good thing that Emily didn't want to wear the necklace since her costume didn't come with it. :( Oh well. Not sure that Emily will continue. I don't think getting on stage and doing the dance is her thing.. While she had fun, it wasn't like she wanted to do it again. Taylor on the other hand, loved it. :)

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