Thursday, June 07, 2012


All three of the kids were baptized on April 22nd. It turned out really good. I thought it was going to be crazy having all three done at once and it was! But it did go smoothly. Connor got to walk through the baptismal font but the girls weren't quite tall enough so they just had the water dumped on their head. They all have the same Godmother. Well - technically their godparents are my cousins (my friend who I wanted to be their godmother wasn't married in the church. Whatever - so I put down my cousins as the "official" godparents but Monica is their godmother). After the baptism we all went to Panda Inn for dinner. It worked out really nice. We had our own room so the kids could run around and be half way loud and we wouldn't bother anyone else. All the cousins and aunt's and uncle's and Bigi came to watch them get baptismed. Melanie, Ozzy and Dylan also joined us as well as Grandma was able to come down for the weekend to celebrate the great event.

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