Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Day Weekend

And what did we do?? We were of course busy as usual. :) Saturday was Connor's final karate class. He got his orange belt!!! Yeah. And of course, now he wants to continue on. Hopefully he'll start paying attention more. . . He knows the moves. He just needs the confidence to know he knows the moves. :)

After karate, we went to the Monster Jam truck show. It was a lot of fun!! We went early and went to the pits to see the monster trucks up close and personal. We were even able to see three dirt bikes go round and round in this enclosed globe like structure. I have no idea how they did not run into each other!! After checking out the trucks, we went back to the car and ate some dinner and waited for our friend The Graether's to meet up with us. Once they met up with us, we made the walk up to our seats in what I would call the nose bleed section, however, they were the best seats in the house!! From up there, you are actually able to see the whole track and see the monster trucks race and get wild. It was a lot of fun!! Some of the trucks did ok and some of them put on a GREAT show! Definitely fun. Although it got quite cold towards the end.

Sunday I went to church and cleaned the house. The kids and Daddy and Bigi and Mona went to the Gurdwara. Afterwards, they came back and while I was still cleaning, the kids got to play with Mona all afternoon. They wanted Mona to stay for movie night but we didn't plan very well (I kept forgetting we had Monday off!) so we promised the next time, they would get to do movie night with her. We did movie night and watched Ramona and Beezus. Didn't quite finish it. The kids decided they wanted to watch Jungle Junction instead so they watched one episode of that and then it was bed time.

Monday was a busy day! I went to the grocery store with Taylor and Connor. Then I went to Costco with Taylor while Emily and Connor stayed home and Daddy washed the motorhome. After I got back from Costco, we all went to Knott's for a couple of hours. It was a little chilly and the kids started complaining they were cold, so we went home.

It was a fun weekend!

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