Friday, January 13, 2012


Wow. I'm a slacker. I'm a total slacker. I have done hardly anything in here and I am so so sorry!! I love going back and reading the weekly highlights. I need to start doing that again. And I have no excuse. I can do it.

We enjoyed our Christmas. Grandma come down and was able to spend the weekend with us. Yeah!! And even decided to stay and leave on Monday instead of Sunday. :) Double yeah! The kids loved having her here.

The day after Christmas we took the kids to Big Bear to see snow. They've been asking since like May. So we told them we would go the next time it snowed. So it was time. :) It was a beautiful day. Sun was shining. Not too much snow unless you went a little higher where not a lot of people go. We decided to take the Durango and go 4x4 ing in the snow. FUN! We stopped off the trail and made a snowman. It was a lot of fun!

On Tuesday, we decided to take the kids on the Amtrak to San Juan Capistrano so we could go to Zoomars Petting Zoo. Always fun. We brought our friend Kaylee along since she was on Christmas break as well (she goes to the same school as Connor). We went to a little coffee shop when we got there and had some hot chocolate and then made our way to Zoomars. After spending about an hour there (the kids got to feed rabbits, donkey/zebra mix, llama's and goats, they all rode a horse and also got to play on the playground), we went and ate lunch at Ruby's. After lunch, we headed over to the San Juan Mission and the kids (except for Taylor because she didn't want to) made Adobe huts. I had never been there before. It is so rich with history and things to look at. We ended up getting a family membership as it was cheaper to buy that then to get us all in so we can go back now for free for the rest of the year! What a deal. After the mission, we went back to the train station to catch the train headed home.

Wednesday was just a get ready for camping day as we were going camping for New Years. The girls also had their 4 year old check up that day. OH MY GOD. The check up went fine until it was time for shots. We did Taylor first. That was a mistake. Should have done Emily first. Taylor was screaming because she was getting the shots and Emily was screaming because Taylor was getting the shots and she didn't want to. It was so bad, one of the other nurses came in to help out!! I actually started laughing so hard there were tears coming out of my eyes. Emily was hysterical it was pretty funny. Poor thing. Maybe next time I'll do them on separate days. ;)

Then Thursday - Sunday we went camping but that will be a post for another time. I hope to start posting more! If anything, I love doing those weekly highlights. It makes me remember the little things that happened. :)

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