Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Year Check Up

Seriously?? Really?? The twins are TWO!! Where did the time go? I have to say though except for the tantrums and the it has to be my way - I LOVE this age. They are learning so much and enthralled with so much that it's just plain FUN.

So anyway, we had the annual check-up yesterday. And silly me. I took them myself. Ha. I ended up calling Surbjit and requesting backup. The girls would NOT calm down from the time they saw the nurse. Ugh. Actually Taylor did once I gave her a pop-pop (lollipop) and I put the music video for Bolt on. Of course once the doctor got to her it was all over again. LOL! When he said they needed to have thier blood drawn I knew I needed reinforcement! Thankfully, Surbjit got there right before the shots so he was able to comfort one while i held the other. The blood drawing was a nightmare too. Emily did great (so unlike her!) but Taylor would not calm down and in turn, it caused her blood to stop flowing so they had to poke her again on the other side. Thankfully that is all done and over with and now it's Yearly check ups from now on! YEAH!! I have to wonder though that when Dr. Karp goes to pick up his son if they will start crying when they see him at preschool. LOL!


Weights: 24 lbs 13 ozs & 24 lbs 9 ozs. It was crazy! I'm amazed I remember those number although I don't remember who was which.

Height: Taylor 33 1/4" Emily 34"

So if what they say is true and you double their height at 2, Taylor will be about 5'6" and Emily will be 5'8". Their brother will be about 6'. It will be interesting to come back here and see if this is true! Regardless, it appears that all my children will be taller than me! =)

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Wow! Two years old...and how nice if they need up with the tall jeans! I think my kids are doomed to be short! Haha!