Monday, June 01, 2009


You mean I went through the entire month of May and didn't add a single entry??? No wonder my Mom was "yelling" at me yesterday. I'm SO sorry!!!! Time sure does fly. I've been super busy at work and just not finding time to get on here. I won't let that happen again. =)

So what's been going on?? This may be a rambling of a post since so much has been going on. We went camping as usual for Memorial Day. Look for pictures shortly after I post this post. We decided not to go to the beach this year. It is just such a hassle to get online and fight with everyone trying to make May reservations for CA State parks at 8am on November 1st. Especially since it was a Saturday too. So instead, we stayed at the campground where we did our Halloween event. When I went there to get our sites, they had the two sites that were the closest to the playground and close to the pool too. It was PERFECT for our families. We opened our door and you could see the playground which worked out perfect because that's the only place Connor wanted to be. And it was close enough that he could go there and we could still see him without having to be right there! They also had the pool (which Connor wasn't a big fan of) and a spray pool (basically sprinklers). It was beautiful weather all weekend long and full hook ups! And it took us only 20 mins to get home. Definitely a place we'll camp at again.

Other than that, we've just been busy. Surbjit has been working overtime on Saturdays. We are not sure if he will have a job come the next fiscal year as the City is really being hurt with this economy and they are talking lay offs. We probably won't find out until closer to the end of the month. What will happen will happen. We'll be fine, it would just be nice to find out!!!!

Connor took a parent and me multi sport class over the last month. He really enjoyed the soccer and tball (he hits left handed but throws right. Go figure). He did not like basketball. Well at least not with a REAL basketball. We have a MUCH softer ball at home and when i finally got him to "practice" he really enjoyed himself. I don't think I would enroll him again. But it did teach ME how to teach the kids to play. =) So that should work. I think Emily would LOVE it. Taylor is going to be like me and not into sports and stuff.

Yesterday Surbjit increased the speed on Connor's Arctic Cat. Now he LOVES driving it around and around and giving his sisters rides! And they like riding it. Well Emily more than Taylor. But i guess that's ok since Connor prefers to give Emily rides and not Taylor. Go figure.

Oh yeah and Emily may be potty trained before she is two. She keeps asking to go to the bathroom and yesterday she even pee'd after I took her diaper off. Twice. I guess I need to start investing in pull-ups. Do they make them that small???

Everyone is doing good. Both girls had ear infections so we are finishing up the meds on that. And we've all had horrible colds over the last month. I really hope this cold thing is OVER now. I swear I was sick like 4 times in 7 weeks! Yuck. Other than that, we are all doing good. I will be much more happier when the girls can talk because they are very opinionated and stubborn but can't tell me what they want. :sigh: I'm pretty good at guessing but they can be pills!!!!

Well, I promise not to take as long to post next time. A month is WAY too long. But working full time and being a full time mommy is twice the work!!! =D

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