Monday, April 27, 2009

Been Awhile

That's what happens when I am off for a week and then we get sick and then we get sick AGAIN and then I'm swamped at work because I was off and then I'm off AGAIN because we were sick. Ok, so let's back up!

Had the girls 15 month check up (yes they are almost 18 months - this is what happens when you call a month before and they are booked for three months). ANYWAY,

Emily - 21 lbs 14 ozs 31 inches long
Taylor - 22 lbs 1 oz 31.25 inches long

So Taylor has retaken the top spot. :) You'll remember Emily took that from her at their 12 month check up. Taylor is now WALKING!!! YEAH!!! She no longer crawls. Although Emily is now crawling. Well ok, she is only joking but it was kinda funny. She was walking on her knees and would fall down and then start crawling. It is so cute to watch them walk and run all over the place now. I do not have to worry about Taylor ruining pants anymore! Yeah!!!!

We were home the week before Easter. The girls daycare was closed. I basically kept Connor home too except for Tuesday (the day of the girls doc appt) and then Friday when they did his Easter party. We basically did nothing except stay in the house since I was sick.

For Easter we did our usual. On Saturday we went to our neighbor's Easter eggstravaganza. The kids took their picture with the Easter bunny. Or should I say Connor and Taylor took their pictures with the Easter Bunny. Emily wanted NOTHING to do with him. Go figure. I would think it would be the other way around. But Taylor sat on his lap like no problem whatsoever! The girls had fun opening the Easter eggs on the ground before the egg hunt started. So I kept having to close them and putting them back down. Frustrating and annoying for me. But then we did the egg hunt and they had fun putting them in their Easter baskets.

Sunday, we had the family over for Easter Brunch again like last year. Bigi had stayed the weekend with us so Surbjit and I could go out (I figured after being home with the kids all week I'd want some adult interaction) and Uncle Harjinder, Aunt Edith and Aria came over. We picked up Easter eggs and got to play in the backyard. It was a beautiful day!

Then it was back to the grind and all was ok. Then the following weekend Taylor came down with a fever. Ended up taking her to Urgent Care where they diagnosed an ear infection and I stayed home with her on Monday. That weekend was also the start of Connor's Parent n Me Multi Sport Class. We did soccer that day. He really enjoyed kicking the ball! This past weekend was the second class and he did tball. He said he liked soccer better but he did really good at hitting the ball with the bat. He was doing it left handed though which is weird since he kicks the soccer ball with his right and when he throws, he throws equally with both right or left so not sure if he's a lefty or righty yet. Next week is basketball!

This past weekend didn't do much. Just relaxed and slept since I was sick again last week. I'm hoping it's all over and done with at our house. We've had our fair share, that's for sure.

Sorry this post is all over the place. I guess that's what happens when you don't post for so long! I have pictures to share but they are on the camera. Hopefully I can get them downloaded soon!

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Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

Oh no...hope you aren't sick again lady! Come grab your One LOvely Blog award if you can! Hope all is well in the New Singh family!