Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Lessons - Take 2

So I took Emily last night. Well . . . she didn't scream like Taylor did but let's just say she was holding onto me so tight I didn't have to hold onto her. LOL. She started to loosen up towards the end though. She did say (shake head) that she wanted to go back with me. The poor thing was freezing though when we got out. I kept trying to get her to kick her legs and move around so she would warm up. Maybe tonight. I'm going to bring her back again tonight and then take Taylor on Thursday again. I have to sign Connor up on Saturday for the next session. He really really really wants to go. We even circled the date on the calendar when he gets to go because he doesn't quite get the, you go next session, speech. This does make for a long day for me but it's worth it. I basically get home at 5:30pm. Change, change whoever is going with me and have to be at the pool at 5:55pm for the swim lesson. We get home a little after 6:30pm when we are done. Thankfully the pool is only 10 mins away (and that's if I hit all the red lights). But it is nice to have one on one time with them.

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