Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberry Picking & A Trip to the Doctor

We went to pick the kids up from Kids Night Out and the teachers are like Emily eye looks swollen. It doesn't look like pink eye, just swollen. So we looked at it and it sure did look puffy. By the next morning, her eye was almost swollen shut. Was it bothering her? No. But we were supposed to go to Tanaka Farms with my multiples group so Surbjit took Emily to the doctor and I took Taylor and Connor to the farm. We were hopeful they would be done in time to meet up there by 11am when our tour was to start. And they did! Of course Emily is the only one that does NOT like strawberries. What is wrong with that girl??? LOL! But they all had fun. My pictures are still on my camera but one of the moms took this picture of Taylor trying an onion. I thought they were delicious - the kids - not so much. =)

After the tour it was lunch time so since I packed a lunch, we went to a local park and ate lunch there. It was a beautiful park (my new park for the month! Well ok, I'm one park behind so I need to go to another park too this month). Since we had given Emily benedryl (her diagnosis was possible allergic reaction to something?? don't know) she was kinda tired and they all were cranky since it was nap time. But we got to play on the playground and walk around the lake. It was a beautiful day. Then we went home and basically stayed inside the rest of the weekend since Sunday was just yucky outside. By Sunday afternoon, Emily's eye was back to normal. And it never really bothered her at all. Weird.

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Those unexplainable things that happen to our kids is so hard. Glad she is okay. And yes how could she not like strawberries! They are so yummy. Happy you guys had fun. And by the way, that is crazy that the girls don't always sleep through the night. I am pretty lucky unless Kendalynn's teeth are bothering her.