Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rainbows Class

So there are 5 classrooms at the kids preschool. They are as follows:

2 year olds - Sunshines
3 year olds - Busy Bees
4 year olds - Precious Doves
4 year olds - Shining Stars
5 year olds - Rainbows (Pre-K)

The Rainbows are meant for those kids that are older but can't or aren't starting kindergarten. So during the school year, they are mainly old 4 year olds and young 5s. Well Monday starts the summer session at preschool and we were notified yesterday that Connor is going to be moving to the Rainbows. =D There are only two kids in his class moving there. I am so happy for him. I think this will be perfect to allow him more learning time and a way to grow and get accustomed to going to kindergarten. The school he is attending next fall was offering a summer school for the kindergarten class. Unfortunately I couldn't do it because of logistics and timing. With him starting in the rainbows, he will still get that pre-k type refresher course before he starts kindergarten. Yeah!! And let me tell you, I was hesitant because I didn't know how he would take it - he is estatic!! He was so happy when I told him!! So Monday will be his first day in his new class. =)

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-Just Lori.™ said...

how fun, the life of a kid!!!!!