Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend

Well I'm really posting to write about the weekend (pretty low key as far as we are concerned LOL!). But I also wanted to take this opportunity to say there was NO TEARS! There was no FIGHTING and there was NO whining this morning. I was so very very very happy!! Connor did say he didn't like wearing his button shirts to school but he said it matter of factly and without whining or complaining. =) Coincidentally, his teacher must have said something to him about buttoning the bottom button. I didn't fight with him last week about buttoning any of the buttons. I let him be. It was enough that he put it on! This morning, he said just the bottom button Mom. And he tried to button it himself. I asked, did your teacher tell you that? He said yes.

So for the weekend. Friday night was the welcome back picnic at school. Connor did have fun. I think. Although he was VERY disappointed that we did not win the raffle. And he had a little tiff with some boys. He actually went out onto the grass and was playing with a bunch of boys. While he told me later they were in his class, I highly doubt that. So anyway, someone kicked the ball (i think I don't remember them throwing it) and Connor and some other boys ran to the ball. Connor got there first. He then basically tackled the ball and picked it up. After that I didn't see what happened until i saw him walking back towards the playground where the girls were playing. I asked him what happened. He never cried but he was upset because "those kids didn't want to play with him." I guess he wanted to throw the ball but they wouldn't let them. Surbjit said later he thinks they were supposed to be kicking the ball not picking it up. So we told Connor next time, he needs to find out what the rules of the game are and play by those rules. He probably wasn't supposed to throw it and that's why they didn't want to play. So the rest of the night was Connor at the playground wanting Surbjit and/or I to watch him play. He tried to play with Emily but her and Taylor were busy playing with our friends daughter Kaylee that also goes to St. Pius. But all in all, they all had fun (and got McD's for dinner that night!)

Saturday we woke up and it was the whiny crying day I like to call it. ALL DAY LONG. WHINE WHINE WHINE. Really??? We had soccer for Connor at noon. One of the parents has to stay with the kids and help them practice and then referee the "game". They basically split the kids up into groups of 6. They practice for like 20 mins and then they break and then they play a 3 on 3 game. Connor really did pretty well. He was able to steal the ball quite good from other players but I guess towards the end, he was complaining that he was tired. (I swear that is the story of his life!). But he said he had fun and liked it better than tball.

After soccer, we ran home, did a potty break and headed to Carbon Canyon park for my niece's birthday party. It was a beautiful day. Of course all the kids wanted to eat was candy. (Mental note - NEVER put the goody bags out until the end of the party, especially if they have candy in them!). We were finally able to get them to eat some pizza but they mainly ran around, tried to catch bugs (they got cool bug catchers and magnifying glasses) and played on the playgrounds that were there.

Sunday was basically a church day. I took Connor to mass (although after about 10 mins in, he wanted to go home. I made him wait until they do the gifts to the altar. That way I could turn in my donation ugh). Then we came home and Surbjit and Bigi took the kids (and Mona - my other niece) to the Gurdwara. After they came home, the girls took a nap and Connor and I headed to the grocery store. My goodness, whiny whiny again! He got better towards the end because I wouldn't give in on what he wanted. I'm hoping he's learning but geese! He's never been that bad at the store before. Oh well.

Came home and played and went for a walk the five of us. Then we ate dinner and went to bed. Well, Connor went to bed. The girls played in their beds for almost 2 hours!! Ugh. I so wish I could separate them. I think that would solve a lot of that problem but now its too late. I think they would cry for each other. LOL. At least they woke up this morning semi decent.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Sounds like a good weekend! You guys always have some event going on which is nice. I hear you about the's not fun!